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Wang, you should know that the real estate companies under the Mu Group are focused on constructing villas.

You said that you plan to build an eco-garden villa on that land.

Pardon my rudeness in front of an elder, but from what Ive seen regarding the competition in that domain, Wanke Real Estates capability can never contend against the Mu Groups real estate!”

Although those words sounded arrogant, they were not inappropriate.

Especially since in front of him, Mu Yazhe actually implied that he was of the younger generation.

Clearly, he was showing him enough respect!

It was not him being egotistical, either.

The Mu Groups real estate was first in the industry.

Being the pioneer, it naturally dominated half of the real estate industry.

In this business, the Mu Group was devoted to building villas.

In fact, theYun Shan Shi Yi project under it was nearing commencement.

It was naturally going to be the capitals best eco-garden villa!

Indeed, Wanke could never contend against it in this area.

Even if this company had the confidence to build an even better garden villa than Yun Shan Shi Yi, would it not be viewed as a competitor, instead

Would Mu Yazhe allow someone else to share the loot

The Mu Group had never formed a partnership with their competitors.

The meaning behind his words was simple.

The Mu Group was always in control of the general situation in this particular domain.

They would never let other real estate companies to infringe on that!

Wang Chuande was stunned by his charisma.

The man before him was young, full of vitality, and domineering, yet he was not disrespectful at all.

If he were to compare his nephew to this man, there was simply no competition at all.

The junior had surpassed the senior!

Even though he was also a cunning character, every time he came in contact with this man, he never managed to receive any benefits.

“The piece of land Mr.

Wang is eyeing should be Jin Gui Garden, right”

“Thats right.”

“The Mu Group has already acquired the deed for the land beside Jin Gui Garden.

and we plan to build a shopping mall on it.

Plus, since the district in that location isnt bad, we might have more eco-developments there in the future.

If Mr.

Wang has similar intentions and doesnt mind it, both sides can work together; what do you think”


The preliminary will be as discussed!”

This middle-aged mogul smiled.

The man suddenly asked, “That man called Gao Nan; is he your nephew”

Wang Chuandes complexion turned serious, and he asked cautiously, “Master Mu, did that unruly chap of mine offend you in any way”

“Eh…” He gave a snort but did not elaborate.

His eyes only turned colder!

Having mingled with the rich and famous for so long, this middle-aged man naturally had a shrewd mind and knew how to read others expressions.

Seeing the look on his face, he broke out in a cold sweat.

He could guess that his disappointing nephew had offended this powerful figure in some way.

He was instantly unhappy.

However, he did not know exactly how his nephew had offended this man.

Under his relentless probes, Mu Yazhe slowly opened his mouth.

“That nephew of yours really doesnt know the rules!”

“Oh Master Mu, what do you mean If you dont mind, please tell me! If that lad committed a mistake, I will be sure to teach him a lesson!”

“He is no longer young, yet he is still playing around like a Casanova! This is the Gao familys personal matter, so I dont have the right to intervene, but you know my methods.

If this affects me, dont blame me for not taking our relationship into consideration!”


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