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Since she was that mans woman, his heart was no longer certain!

No matter what, he could never win against him.

After all, that mans status, whichever way one looked at it, was significantly higher than his.

How could he fight against him

And here he was, still nursing delusions of stealing a woman from his clutches…

However, as he thought further of this, he started feeling indignant!

He did not know much about that man, but he got that the Mu family was very powerful and influential in the capital.

That man was a powerful figure, then!

Forget it!

Men would always have some bad habits.

How could he not understand the typical behavior of men

For that man to be so devoted to her, what kind of person was he He was likely just playing around!

That was what he thought.

For such an influential man, there was no way his affections would last long.

Women were just temporary pleasure.

Tales like having ones heart for a lifetime or never being apart even after turning old were just lies told to trick little girls.

Is being committed still a thing in this day and age

He he! Especially for someone with so much influence and power, its needless to say that he wont stay committed to only one woman forever!

Being a man himself, he reckoned that Mu Yazhes interest in Yun Shishi was fleeting.

Sooner or later, he would grow tired of her.

If that was so, why not wait until he had enough before taking her for himself By then, he could fool around with her however he liked sans repercussions!

For now, he could only patiently wait!

He just had to wait for that man to be done with her, and then it would be his turn to play.

A woman who had rolled in bed with that man; would it not be more interesting to play with her then

In a meeting room.

Mu Yazhe was languidly sitting in the bosss chair.

Wang Chuande spoke at length about a development project he had in progress.

He was planning to develop a new property, but before that, he indubitably needed to secure the bidding rights for that parcel of land.

That land was in a prime location.

To secure the bidding rights for it, one needed to build a smooth relationship with the government.

His mother was the younger sister of his nephews grandfather; this uncle of his was one of the founding fathers of the central government.

Although his uncle was one of the founding fathers, which was a celebrated position, he had long stepped down from the political arena due to old age.

He no longer had the same authority, and in some matters, he naturally did not have much to say anymore!

The Mu family was different.

Mu Yazhes fourth uncle, Mu Linfeng, held military powers, so he had robust influence.

If he could collaborate with this authoritative family, he could secure the bidding rights for that prime parcel of land!

The financial capability of Disheng Financial Group was extremely high.

If he succeeded in establishing a partnership with the Mus, in the future, the prospects of this project would be incomparably impressive!

From the start, he had been striving to set a meeting with Mu Yazhe to talk about this development project.

Alas, the man had many affairs to deal with and could only postpone their meeting time and again.

They could finally meet due to a coincidence.

Naturally, he would not let this chance slip by easily.

The Mu familys financial power was robust.

In addition, with their involvement in the military, he was looking forward to working with the Mu Group!

Regarding the profits, he was generous.

He promised the Mu Group a profit of a billion in exchange for their help in opening a new channel for his Wanke Real Estate.

A billion was an impressive amount.

Just to establish a partnership with the Mu Group, it seemed he was willing to grit his teeth and reduce his capital.

“Wanke wants to participate in the bidding for that land just to build a villa”

“Does Master Mu have other thoughts on this” He modestly sought his advice upon hearing the hidden implication behind the mans words.


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