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Chapter 9: Premature delivery

Six months later:

Yun Shishi went to her University, She is accompanied by the Secretary  to handle the formalities of her absences.

While on the road, she suddenly felt an incredible abdominal pain.

A few months ago they were really worried for unexpected premature delivery, but right now it’s impossible to send her to Mu private hospitals.

The Secretary hurriedly drove her to the nearest maternity hospital in the city and calmly going through the formalities of admission.

Yun Shishi lying in the hospital bed, her face is pale, her eyes keep looking at the incandescent light that constantly flashing, under the cold sweat of pain.

Giving birth in the month of August, finally, she will be free.

The Secretary sent her into the delivery room, and constantly encouraged her: “Miss Yun! Don’t be afraid, you will be safe! I will stay outside the operating room and wait for your good news!”

“Thank you……”

Yun Shishi with closed eyes was sent to the delivery room, the door tightly closed.

The hospital president and Yun Shishi’s father were familiar with each other, so they contacted him.

Yun Yecheng after hearing the news, immediately rushed to the hospital, waiting anxiously outside the delivery room.

Four hours later, in the delivery room came a loud cry of a baby .

“It’s a healthy boy!”

The nurse put the baby into the nursery bed cart and went to the neonatal intensive care unit.

Yun Yecheng anxiously waiting outside the delivery room.

The secretary went to the neonatal unit, looking at the baby across the window who had just been born, turned and asked, “Where is the other baby”

The nurse replied, “I’m sorry! Because it is prematurely delivered , the other brother is too weak and is not breathing……”

The secretary got astonished and asked stiffly, “Is there no hope”

The nurse was outspoken, “… Yes!”

The secretary is somewhat disappointed, helplessly said: “Well, I will let your hospital deal with it.”

Having said that, she picked up the phone to contact several men with an ambulance, she intends to transfer the baby to the Mu private hospital.

Before leaving, she filled out a cheque, handed it to Yun Yecheng, and politely said: “Mr.

Yun, your daughter suffered in the past few months, this is the rest of the money, please accept it!”

Yun Yecheng unwillingly accepts the cheque, then the secretary took the baby and went away hurriedly.

At the delivery room, Yun Shishi collapses and lost consciousness .

The nurse walked over and was planning to pick up the poor boy.

She glanced down, but before she was able to pick him up, she got startled and her face got flustered, looking frantically she hold the baby and ran to the doctor.



Six years later.

At the department store, the people are going in and out, Yun Shishi while pushing the cart, from time to time looking around and walking fast.

She went to the shelves of daily necessities to take something, as she turns around, she just realized the child was gone, she doesn’t know where to go.

When she passed by the toy counter she slowed down her steps, looking around, then suddenly saw a tiny figure who was standing there, Yun Shishi slightly shrugged, she smiled and pushed the cart forward and crouched down behind him.

Seeing that the little guy standing in front of the shelves, staring at the beautiful remote control car on the counter.

This child looks very small, about five or six years old, wearing a clean suit uniform, looks a bit thin.

With thick black supple hair, white jade skin, tender face, delicate facial features, and pink cheeks, is very cute!

He has clear big beautiful eyes, his thick curled long eyelashes look like two black chicken feathers.

Black eyes as pure as clear black jade, without a tiny bit of impurities.

A very charming and lovely little guy, just like a beautiful elf, but now the elf eyes at the moment seems serious, looking quite a bit mature for a small child.


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