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“Alright, alright! Lets be friendly here; its our class reunion, after all.” Someone stepped out to mediate.

Only then did their dispute end.

Everyone had more or less arrived.

It was only Huang Lilis boyfriend who had yet to show up.

No doubt that this was intentional.

Since he had a certain standing, he would of course join in the last, no

Only when the meal was about to start did her boyfriend arrive.

Indeed, he was late!

The moment he entered, she welcomed him.

Hugging his arm, she introduced him to everyone.

“Guys, this is my boyfriend, Du Jiayan.

Well be getting married soon; Ill make it a point to invite everyone here to our wedding dinner!”

She purposely showed off.

Wanting to be fawned on, she naturally stuck to him.

The crowd instantly cheered and fawned at her, each buttering her up better than the one before.

Only Meng Qinghes face was a little sour.

Yun Shishi took a glance at Du Jiayan.

While his looks were passable, his height was his Achilles heel, for he was just taller than his girlfriend by half a head.

His girlfriend was 1.6-meter tall.

He was likely around 1.7 meters in height.

“How short!” Xiao Xue dissed the man to her.

She patted her hand.

“Dont make a fuss.”

“Isnt it so Anyway, Huang Lili is clearly using this class reunion to flaunt how much her rich boyfriend dotes on her! Hmph.

How boring!”

Under the crowds adulation, the man haughtily joined this gathering.

The moment he got seated, he tore open a cigar packs packaging and passed them down one by one.

One of them was amazed upon receiving a stick.

“Red River! This is a good cigarette, and its hard to buy even if one has the money.”

He said, “This is Red Rivers internal supply, so its rare on the market!”

When the cigarette reached Mu Yazhe, he kept a cool face and, unlike the unctuous men around him, did not take it.

He did not even look at it.

Du Jiayan was stunned.

“Whats wrong Are you unused to smoking such good quality”

His joking tone was full of thorns.

The man raised his gaze and looked at him with cold indifference.

“I dont smoke.”

“How can a man not smoke Its fine to smoke!”

“Shishi doesnt like me smoking, so I dont smoke.” He remained as cold as before.

Huang Lili laughed.

“Youre afraid of your girlfriend, I bet.”

Du Jiayan was especially critical about this and wrinkled his brows in disdain.

“Men should be a bit tougher; what capability do you have if you must read a womans face Are you really afraid of your girlfriend”

The man smiled gently at Yun Shishi.

“Im afraid of losing her.”

‘Im afraid of losing her.

She instantly flushed as her lips twitched.

The crowd was flabbergasted by his sweet words.

Xiao Xue complimented, “Oh, my.

What a good man he is! Indeed, your partner must be first!”

“Tsk! What good man Is this what a good man is like”

Du Jiayan, however, was dismissive as he smiled contemptuously.

“A good man must first have the capability to support his family! Letting his woman eat and dress well and not allowing her to be bullied, only then can he be deemed as a good man.”

Huang Lili rebuked him.

“Jiayan, thats enough! Leave some face for him! I havent introduced you to him, have I This is Shishis boyfriend, a company employee.”

“Company employee” He laughed, yet his face brimmed with disdain; it was as if sitting with someone possessing such a cheap identity cheapened his worth.


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