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Her words made it more apparent, instead!

Xiao Xue muttered to herself, Huang Lili is really too much.

She clearly wanted to make it clearer by adding that last comment!

She glanced at her friend but surprisingly saw her smiling with pursed lips.

“Well, what you said is the truth!”

Blinking her bright eyes, Yun Shishi laughed.

“The entertainment industry isnt as clean as everyone thinks.

Your boyfriend loves you; thats why hes worried that youll be bullied.”

This was music to Huang Lilis ears and made her feel at ease.

No one expected her to continue speaking, however.

“Still, only those without potential need to depend on the unspoken rules to ascend.”

Huang Lilis face froze.

Xiao Xue could not help chuckling to herself.

Even the corner of Mu Yazhe lips lifted.

This woman had a sharp tongue; how would she let others climb over her head

The crowd was stunned at this moment, and their expressions had some subtle changes.

Yun Shishi quickly added, “Oh, dear.

Lili, Im sorry.

My words arent directed at you, too.

Please dont mind!”

Gnashing her teeth, she pretended to be gracious.

“Its fine! Its an unintended mistake, after all!”

The grudge she held against her intensified because of this.

Anyway, theres plenty of time to teach this b*tch a lesson!

Thinking of that, she lightly laughed.

“Well, no need for us women to work so hard; we can have good prospects if we marry a good man! At least, I need not worry for the rest of my life.”

With that, unintentionally or otherwise, she lifted her hand to fiddle with the diamond ring on her finger.

A three-carat diamond ring was exposed to the crowd, and they were all stunned with envy.

“Gosh! What a huge diamond!”

“Lili, how big is this diamond”

“It should be 3.31 carats!” she casually replied.

Her precise report of the smallest decimal point belied this nonchalance, however.

“Its huge! It must be very expensive!”

“Its only hundreds of thousands.” Her fluttering tone was a stark contrast of the crowds shock.

“Hundreds of thousands! Gosh, its so expensive!”

“If I couldve a one-carat ring, Id be satisfied!”

“Thats why marrying a good man is every womans biggest dream!”

As she said that, she cast a derisive glance on Yun Shishi.

It was unknown if she did it on purpose, but her tone tinged with despise.

“After all, diamonds and wedding dresses are the ultimate dream of any woman; the rest are irrelevant.

I got lucky unlike certain people who will always be poor and wont know if they can afford to buy them in this lifetime!”

The crowd felt awkward at her words.

These words were clearly aimed at Yun Shishi.

Looking at the intended target, the crowd found her whispering to Mu Yazhe.

It seemed that Huang Lili was wholly ignored.

Xiao Xue quipped, “When Shishi marries, shell wear a diamond ring as big as a pigeon egg!”

“Pigeon egg”

Huang Lili laughed.

“The cost of a pigeon egg ranges from a million to hundreds of millions; can she afford it”

“Thats true.”

“Why wont she afford to buy one”

“Her boyfriend is merely a company employee.

We dont even know if his annual salary reaches a hundred thousand, yet you still mention a pigeon egg.

Dream on!” She finally got a chance to insult her.

Yun Shishi was even more amused by this as she stared at the man beside her.

The mans eyebrows quirked.

Her friend glared at the offending woman in indignation.

“Whats wrong about being a company employee What do you hate about that


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