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Xiao Xue then took out an invitation from her bag and passed it over.

Yun Shishi was surprised to receive an invitation for a class gathering.

“Yesterday, she informed us through our WeChat group chat that shell be hosting a class gathering.

I heard that itll be held at Yongye private clubhouse.

She couldnt reach you, so she had me inform you.”

She asked, “Yongye private clubhouse I heard that its expensive there.”

From her impression, given Huang Lilis familys financial situation, she could not afford to host a gathering at that private clubhouse.

Her friend mocked, “Her family is so poor, and she hasnt gotten a job since graduation, yet she still shows off her travel photos to her friends; youre asking me how can she afford to host it at such a luxurious place Shes such a materialistic person; I bet she hooked up with a rich guy and cant wait to show off to us.”

She rested her chin on her hands.

“Actually, I dont really wanna go.”

“Same here; if we go, well likely see certain pretentious people show off their boyfriends, bags, diamond necklaces, and so on.

Its super boring!”

She grew pensive at that.

Her friend continued.

“Anyway, our class monitor said that hes migrating soon, so thisll be his last attendance to the class gathering before that.

He hopes that everyone will be present.

Since he said so, I couldnt refuse him.”

“The class monitor is emigrating”

She still had some impression of that class monitor.

Meng Qinghe had treated her quite well back then.

“When is the class gathering”


She was surprised.

“Shishi, do you wanna go” her friend tentatively asked.

She kept mum for a moment before replying, “I dont wanna.”

“Lets go!” Gao Nan immediately cut in.

“Ill be accompanying Xiao Xue tomorrow.

Shishi, join us!”

Her friend did not detect his enthusiasm and expectation in the slightest bit, only saying enthusiastically, “Shishi, just go! Youre different now; wholl dare make a mockery out of you Besides, Im around, too.

You need not be afraid! Whoever dares to bully you, Ill not let him or her off!”

He also piped in.

“Lets go together!”

This man was simply too sticky!

Yun Shishi now felt very awkward and intuitively sensed him paying too much attention on her!

She felt a little uneasy at this; hence, she slowly stood up and said, “Ill go to the washroom for a bit.”


Her friend smiled and nodded before drinking a mouthful of her coffee.

She then went to the washroom to rinse the sweet and greasy stains off her hand.

She accidentally spilled some mocha on it while drinking earlier.

When she came out of the washroom, she was startled by a man standing outside.

At the doorway was Gao Nan.

His back was leaning against the wall.

She did not know how long he had been standing there.

Dressed in a shirt and black pants, he was the picture of a handsome and suave business elite.

However, when she composed herself and met his deep eyes, she got startled and stepped back for a bit, keeping her distance from him.

“Why… are you here”

She eked out a smile.

The man did not speak a word and merely looked at her.

“Yun Shishi, what a nice name! Just like your name, you look pleasing to the eye!” he blurted out.

She could not make heads or tails of it, though.

Frowning, she found this man to be very odd!


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