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He directed the attention back to her with this one statement.

Feeling startled, she could only give a perfunctory reply.

“Its all right, I guess.

Filming is a job, and all jobs are tough.”

“Thats true.

I used to think that those who complain about work stress are suffering from self-pity, but when I started working as well, I found out that work can be taxing,” her best friend complained.

Yun Shishi knew her best friend well.

She was a typical rich missy from a well-to-do family.

She had invited much jealousy when she had her first BMW in university.

As a lady who was used to a princess life, it would be difficult for her to adjust to a working environment.

When they were studying, her friend followed her to work part-time at a cafe, but she could not sustain more than a few days.

Her friend was unable to take well to stress, indeed.

Thus, she was really surprised to learn that she had persisted in this job for a month!

“Why didnt you find a job in your familys business”

“Er, my dad told me to get some experience in other companies before committing myself to our family business,” Xiao Xue explained, “but hes really surprised to see me hanging on till now.”

“I didnt expect you to last this long, too.”

“Do you know why” Her friend blinked at her mysteriously and then gave a shy laugh.

This was because she was transferred to the administrative department as a secretary shortly after joining the company.

The head of the administrative department happened to be the man sitting next to her.

When it came to her boyfriend, her swooning friend was like a little girl who had just fallen in love – all eager to share their love story.

Gao Nan, this department head, was also the son of one of the foreign subsidiarys board directors.

As a cultured gentleman from a wealthy family, his background was compatible with the Xiaos.

This man was chivalrous, handsome, and smart-looking; hence, he was the man-god in the eyes of many gals, including Xiao Xue, in his company.

Her admiration for him was her motivation for persevering until now.

Xiao Xue disdained hiding her likes and dislikes; she was the type to fight for the things she liked, including men; hence, after working in the department for half a month, she confessed her feelings to him, and surprisingly, he actually reciprocated.

The two cultivated a relationship quickly.

In fact, being so madly in love now, she planned to bring him home to see her parents in the next six months.

Yun Shishi just had to frown at the thought of her bringing the man to meet her parents, though.

Isnt this a little too fast

“Shishi, I feel like Im the happiest woman on Earth after being with Gao Nan!” her friend exclaimed, a blissful smile gracing her lips.

She smiled along, but despite her friend expressing her euphoria, she sensed the mans gaze on her.

Somehow, she felt discomfited.

An idea struck her friend suddenly.

“Oh, yeah.

Do you still remember Huang Lili”

Huang Lili

She mumbled the name under her breath, and of course, she remembered that woman.

That gal was the class beauty and the dream lover of many boys in university.

Still, she did not have a good impression of her.

For reasons unknown, that woman picked on her all the time and treated her condescendingly, and this put her off immensely.

“What about her”

“Oh, I asked you out today for something else.”


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