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The girl then recounted the matter to them.

It turned out that the seat where the gangster had been sitting on originally belonged to her boyfriend.

She entered the theater first while her boyfriend went to buy popcorn.

Before the movie even started, that delinquent sat beside her.

Even after reminding him that the seat belonged to someone already, he did not budge from it.

When her boyfriend came, the two got into an argument.

However, out of her expectation, her boyfriend fled ignominiously by himself when the man flashed his butterfly knife at him.

It left her disillusioned.

The movie was nearing its end by the time the girl left.

With the older one losing interest in the movie, the little lads left the theater.

Even up to this point, the younger boy had yet to recover from his earlier shock.

“Mu Yichen…”


“Were you not scared earlier” he curiously asked.

“Scared of what” The older boy frowned in puzzlement.

“That man from earlier has a knife.”

“What of it”

“If he stabbed you with it, would you still not be scared” The younger lads lingering fear and uneasiness appeared in his eyes.

He was really scared that the man would lose his mind from anger and stab…

He did not dare to think of the consequences!

His brother gave his question a serious thought and then smiled.

“The prerequisite is that he must stab me first.”

His arrogant and careless words made him nonplus.

Seeing that he was still uneasy and in shock, Little Yichen drew near him and bumped his elbow.

“Are you thinking that your big brother is really awesome”

Youyou rolled his eyes.

“You think too highly of yourself!”

“Well…” The older boy peeked at him, and as if suddenly thinking of something, a warm smile spread across his face.

“Were you really worried about me earlier”

He had clearly caught sight of his brothers worried face when he rushed over to the scene with the security personnel in tow.

This brother of his was a little tsundere; even though he did not express it aloud, he was probably very worried for him!

He must have been worried that he would get hurt.

The younger boy coolly glanced at his brother but kept his silence.

Almost at once, the older boy piped out in displeasure, “Whats with that look”

“Its nothing! Lets go!” Youyou snorted and left.

Little Yichen hurriedly chased after him and tightly held his hand.

Startled, the younger twin subconsciously tried shaking off his hand, but the latter held on to it so tightly.

“Youyou, dont worry; I only do things that Im confident in.

I wont do risky stuff,” he explained solemnly.

The other dully hummed his assent, saying, “Dont do such worrisome things in the future!”

Although the older kid remained composed outwardly, he was actually chuckling inwardly!

This kid is just so stubborn! Hes clearly very worried about me, wasnt he

What to do with my tsundere little brother Hes obviously very concerned for me, yet he just wont express it out.

Because of his brothers silent concern, Little Yichens mood lightened up a bit.

“Youyou, big brother is really awesome and strong, so I definitely can protect you well!”

‘Big brother is really awesome and strong, so I definitely can protect you well!

Youyous heart skipped a beat, but he did not comment on it.

Turning his head away awkwardly, there was a hint of a smile on his lips.


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