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There was nothing he could do.

After all, the man had a knife on him and was a dangerous person.

Youyou contemplated calling the police or this theaters security personnel about the situation.

Apparently, Yichen realized what was happening as well as he popped his head out and pressed his hands on the back of the front row chair.

He was furious.

Unable to stop him in time, he heard his older brother ask, “Uncle, what are you doing”

The man jerked his head back with a start.

Upon seeing that it was just a kid, he promptly glared at him.

“Scram! Uncle is busy now; dont disturb me.”

Little Yichen had more to say, but Youyou quickly pulled him back.

“Are you crazy”

“Whats the matter”

“Hes carrying a knife, so dont stir up trouble.”

“Hes a bad guy and hes bullying that girl.”

“It has nothing to do with you, right”

Youyou frowned.

He was also unhappy about the situation, but they were kids at the end of the day.

Plus, they were unarmed and weak; there was a limit to ones heroism!

However, his brother argued, “What if the girl sitting there is mommy”

He was rendered speechless.

The other boy continued.

“Youyou, dont worry; I wont do anything dangerous!”

His heart shuddered.

Was this not dangerous

That man had a knife.

If they engaged in a conflict with him, was he unafraid of that cold knife

In the moment that he was in a daze, his older brother had already stood up and walked over to the front row.

Just as the man was slipping his hand in the girls skirt, the older boy gripped his wrist tightly.

The man looked up in surprise and became livid at the sight of this kid he had chided earlier.

“Boy, what do you want!”

The girl was shocked, too, and she looked up hopefully, thinking that someone had come to save her from this deep water!

Alas, upon realizing that it was a six- or seven-year-old kid, her hopes were instantly dashed, and her face turned ashen again.

Little Yichen glanced at her before returning his gaze to the man.

He examined him from head to toe, and when he saw a raised tent at the mans private area, he was extremely repulsed.

“Uncle, havent you heard of an ancient saying”

“…” The man paused.

He thought that the child would be scared off by his ferocious-looking face!

He did not expect him to be so gutsy!

“Fair something lady, a gentleman gets what he wants through proper means!”

The girl did not know whether to laugh or cry at his words!

Was there such a saying

The man was stunned, too.

Who sent this child here to be funny


The man was irked and wanted to shake off his hand but realized that child would not budge despite him using so much force.

Instead, the grip turned vice-like.

His stout arm fitted nicely into the childs little hand.

Unknown where the latter got his strength, but his grip hurt him.

If he were to use a little more force, his wrist would probably be snapped!

“Brat, you dared to disrupt my happy time.

I told you to get lost; didnt you hear me!”

The man then swung his arm to give the boy a slap, but the latter deftly dodged it and grabbed his other hand, too.

He then twisted both his hands.


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