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Chapter 87: Gu Xingze’s gentleness

January 5, 2017Ai Hrist

Earlier, she had drunk some wine, so right now she was a bit tipsy.

When Gu Xingze treated and look at her lowly, her mood naturally got bad.

And to be belittled by this king in front of many, she simply wants to vomit.

“She’s better than me Isn’t she just a new assistant”

Every girl has a dream.

So right now, Han Jingyi’s heart felt deep anger after all her dream is to be cast in the same movie with Gu Xingze.

When Gu Xingze started his debut his handsome face and superb acting skills catches her heart and ever since then he became her idol.

She has always regarded him as her goal.

Therefore, at the time she turns 18 years old, this goal turns her more and more obsessed.

Her heart secretly vowed that she would enter the entertainment circle and become a star so that she will get an opportunity to be with Gu Xingze.

To achieve this goal, she hardens her heart and stole the savings of her parents from South Korea and traveled here.

So does her struggles are still not enough

Today, because of popularity and development of cosmetic surgery.

She had undergone surgery to have double eyelid, a delicate nose, and a good figure.

After those surgeries, she had signed a contract to a modeling company and then easily enter the entertainment industry.

She had done all of this in order to get close to Gu Xingze.

She almost got obsessed even though she has no talent for acting.

She has done all the unscrupulous things wanting to rely on rich people and gain some fame just to get closer from her dreams … …

But, Gu Xingze treated her like that and devastatingly shattered her dream.

And this new assistant that she didn’t know where did she come from came in and suddenly got compared to her

“You!, who called Yun Shishi or whatever …You don’t need to go to work tomorrow! You are fired!” Han Jingyi couldn’t wait to chase away Yun Shishi, she couldn’t control the anger she felt in her body.

Yun Shishi felt strange, after all, she’s innocent.

Gu Xingze smile and said: “That’s great! I’m in need of an assistant.

Miss Yun, are willing to be my assistant”

The atmosphere turns even heavier with his words.

Who is Gu Xingze A person who is idolized by over one million people in the entertainment industry, a superstar, a billionaire, and his popularity is still flourishing! He is lacking in an assistant How many of his fans from all over the world had traveled How many people had sharpened their mind just to get closer from their idol

But now, he personally asked this unknown girl if she is willing to be his assistant

This world is too fantastic.

Yun Shishi got frozen stiff.

“You don’t want too I can give you a higher salary.

Oh, and I am very gentle to my subordinate.

More gentle and better than this woman!”

Hearing this, Yun Shishi immediately said: “Yes”

Gu Xingze’s gentle eyes light up and said: “Then come to my studio tomorrow to formally report.”

After saying that, Gu Xingze gracefully stood up and look at the already stunned Yan Liangxiong: “Mr.

Yan, it’s already late.

So, I won’t stay anymore.”

The crowd was still stunned with the previous commotion, but Gu Xingze wanted to leave and just pushed open the door.

He turned around and saw Yun Shishi was still sitting and helplessly said:”My little assistant, it’s very late.

Do you want me to send you home”


Yun Shishi felt even dizzier.

Gu Xingze, a superstar will send her home

If his fans heard that wouldn’t they split her body

Yun Shishi was still thinking, but she obediently stood up and followed Gu Xingze to leave.

Yan Liangxiong recovered his mind, he really wanted to cry when he saw the beautiful Yun Shishi was leaving.

His heart is naturally felt not happy and satisfied.

But, there is another person who felt more unhappy than him, Han Jingyi on the side said: “Hmmp! I really can’t compete with this cheap and shameless woman.

I’m sure she is a reincarnation of a fox, born to seduce men … …”


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