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Mu Yazhes tall and broad body held her down and refused to give way.

He forced his question on her once more.

“Did you miss me, eh”

“I miss-missed you!”

She saw his orbs darkening and dared not antagonize him further.

Her face had turned unbelievably red from spouting her true feelings!

The man, meanwhile, was deeply satisfied with her response.

He could not help giving her seductively red lips a light peck.

This was obviously not sufficient for him, and he pushed on to affix his cool and thin lip flaps on hers.

Her lips were like an insatiable delicacy to him as his tongue lightly traced their contour.

Taking in their full sweetness again and again, he suckled her lips completely.

Pressing on her lip flaps, he asked again, “What about me did you miss”

Vexed, she lifted her eyes and caught his intense gaze fully.

He no longer bothered to hide the deep desire burning in his eyes!

“Mu Yazhe, stop fooling around.

It wont be nice when the kiddos catch us in action when they return!”

She could not imagine what would be the consequence if her two children returned and bumped into this adult act without warning.

Oh, no…

She could only feel shame, burning red and hot, at the thought of it!

The thought itself was enough to make her want to dig a hole and hide in it!

“You need not worry about them; worry about me first, yeah”

The man would definitely not give her a chance to divert the topic.

He grabbed her delicate chin and planted a kiss on her smooth and silky shoulder uncontrollably.

She let out a moan involuntarily.

Seemingly losing control of herself, she immediately clenched her lips tightly to prevent any sound from slipping out again!

Her deliberate self-suppression displeased him.

He pounced on her with his broad and sturdy body.

“Are you not speaking still”

His clear and low voice was full of seduction.

Her heart pounded wildly, and for a moment, even her breathing went out of control to the point of suffocation.

“Shishi, tell me; what about me did you miss I want to know.”

The mans mouth had made its way to her ear at this point and was now biting her full and tender earlobe.

Just like an electric shock, with a numbingly sweet effect, it shot right through her four limbs.

How base can he get

As for her, she was like a rebellious girl; the more insistent he was, the harder she refused to say it.

He lost his patience at last.

With one palm holding her shoulder down, the other hand hurriedly ripped her hospital wear apart.

Her fair and delicate shoulders, as well as her seductive jade-like clavicles, became exposed.

She struggled initially, but alas, he was too hungry to permit her resistance.

He held up her entire body in one move.

She was so skinny that he easily and firmly held her down with his one strong arm.

After that, she was truly at his mercy!

His palm traveled across her body and thus started his decadent fun.

Her initially furrowed pretty brows loosened when he had her under his control.

The man swiftly overpowered her.

He kept his aggressive stance thereafter.

This was how a wanton show was performed inside the bathroom.

After a long night, she was truly exhausted!

She was so tired that she could not even lift a finger and merely let the man carry her into the bathtub.

Speaking of which, one simply had to marvel at the luxury of this hospital ward.

The bathtub was so deep and big that it could fit the two of them comfortably.

He squeezed a few drops of essential oil into the bath pool, and fragrance soon filled the spacious bathroom.

She lay at one side of the bathtub with her arms lazily cradling her head.

The man slipped inside and hugged her from behind amid the aromatic steamy mist.


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