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Little Yichen felt that, with merely a gust of the wind, Youyou already neatly filled in all the answers and threw the arithmetic book at him.

“Im done!”

“You… So fast”

He could not believe it.

The younger boy replied matter-of-factly.

“Of course, these problems are too easy to solve.”

His eyes went blank for a while before he hurriedly flipped through the book to check if his brother had done a slip-shod work just to fill in the answers.

However, after randomly selecting the solutions to a few math problems and struggling to calculate them for a bit, each was actually correct!

For a moment, he found it even harder to believe and only thought that his younger brothers calculation speed was simply unimaginable!

How did he do it

His brother calculated everything in such a short time!

Little Yichen then handed over the English book.

There were still a few incomplete translations left.

Youyou glanced at him with great disdain and then proceeded to sweep through everything with tornado speed.

The older boys mouth hung so agape two eggs could fit inside.

The younger twin reached out to raise his jaw with the goal of shutting his mouth.

“Im done.”

“Thats awesome!” he exclaimed in awe, clearly in disbelief.

He was still waiting for his brother to be stuck by these annoying questions so that he would turn into a laughingstock!

In the end, he completed them in just five minutes.

“Do you think Im you”

Youyou wore his pride on his face, and while his mouth curled in disdain, his brothers compliment pleased him immensely his chin lifted smugly.

“Youyou is so clever”

Yun Shishi was also surprised by his speedy work.

How did she not know before that her precious son was so smart

“Of course!”

Her son boasted, “Im much smarter than brother.”

“Yes, little brother is so smart.

I was unable to figure out the solutions after calculating for half a day, but you solved all of them in minutes – really formidable!” Little Yichen complimented him again.

The boy received so many praises he felt light and airy – almost flying up in the sky.

Mu Yazhe pulled his son down in time.

“Are you hungry”

“Yes, yes!” He nodded repeatedly.

“Im starving; I didnt even eat dinner!”

The man gave her a reproachful glance, and she raised her hands fast in surrender.

“I was wrong; I was wrong, I didnt take good care of Youyou.

Boo… boo… boo…”

“Mommy, you know that, too! Anyway, I dont need you to take care of me.

You just need to take care of yourself!” The little lad snorted, yet his mouth lifted into a gentle yet loving smile.

Little Yichen hooked his shoulder and patted his chest.

“Lets go! Big bro shall treat you to a big meal!”

Thus, the two little guys chicly walked out of the door with their arms around each others shoulders.

She was so amused that she fell over in the bed.

How did she give birth to two such clowns

One was cold and chic outwardly yet was actually funny inwardly.

The other seemed gentle and cultivated outwardly but was actually a big tsundere 1 .

The man sat on the bed and brought this lazy and silly little woman into his embrace.

He noticed that, under her clothes, her body was drenched in sweat; she must have perspired a lot.

This woman had probably not taken a shower for two days!

Being hugged like this by him, she suddenly quieted down in a tense manner.

After a few days apart, she could easily feel the deep emotions from his cold and piercing eyes.

It was secretly surging and constantly intertwining.

No matter how silly she was, she could still tell what he was trying to suppress right now!

For a moment, it was quiet in the room.


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