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Mu Xi was still confused.

Mu Yazhe entered the hotel and saw the little guy standing in front of the reception at once.

He walked over and picked him up before asking what had happened.

The receptionist stared in disbelief at the handsome man in front of her.

Even though Mu Yazhe had hurriedly left home and only wore a casual shirt, he still exuded an innate grace and nobility!

She thought, This man must be a respectable person of an extraordinary background.

He had a tall figure and an extraordinary presence.

Despite only standing there for a while, his presence filled every corner and made the huge space seem incredibly narrow!

While Mu Xi was still in a daze, Youyou quickly recounted the entire matter to his father.

The mans gaze turned cold.

“When did she go missing”

The boy answered, “The last time mommy replied to me was 10:12 PM.

When I called her at 10:30 PM, I couldnt get through.”

When he could not reach Yun Shishi, he rummaged through the house and found the name cards of her assistant and manager.

He first called Qin Zhous phone, but it was off.

He next made a call to her assistant, who then led him to this hotel.

The little lad continued speaking.

“Our top priority now is to check the hotels security footage, but the front-desk clerk said that only with police intervention can we be given permission to view it.”

His fathers cold, piercing gaze fell on the receptionist.

Cowed by his gaze, the front-desk clerk rushed to explain.

“Mister, this is a hotel rule.

I really cant make any decision! Without the police, we cant retrieve the security footage.”

“Have you called the police”

“We did, but the police said that they can only dispatch personnel after sunrise.”

The mans eyes narrowed and walked to a corner with his son in his arm.

He made a call and succinctly gave out orders.

Unknown what exactly he had said, but soon, three police cars rushed to the hotel.

What happened next practically made Mu Xi gape.

Four or five men dressed in police uniforms alighted, and they were led in a hurry by the chief police officer, Chen Wei.

Just as he stepped through the door, he saw the tall man at the hall and immediately nodded and bowed as he walked up to him.

The smile on his face was of flattery and respect, way different from Mu Xis impression of the unsmiling police.

This police head went up to Mu Yazhe.

With a slight bow, he respectfully greeted, “Hello, Chairman Mu! We didnt know that it was you before – hence, the delay.

I hope you dont mind!”

The man neither batted an eyelid nor opened his mouth.

The chief officer then looked at the little guy in his arms, smiling again as he flattered, “Is this your son Gee, how handsome he is!”

Immune to this, the man spoke in a cold voice, which made people feel numbed.

“Forget about greetings; weve an emergency here, havent we”

These words were cold yet majestic and held a strong deterrence.

He stood there emotionlessly, yet he still gave off a dignified aura.

Practically everyone in this huge capital knew his name.

It was just that very few had gotten the honor to see his face.

This was also Chen Weis first time seeing him; he had only heard his name in the past.

Now that he was seeing the real person, he felt immensely shocked.

Tall, handsome, magnificent, and as the rumor said, an exceptional man!


Ill start making arrangements!”


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