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What kind of attitude is this! Wait till I expose your poor hotel service on the Internet!

She was unconcerned over the lift breakdown and certainly did not think that the person she was most worried about was currently trapped in it.

This was not something that most people would consider under normal circumstances; thus, she could not be blamed for not being meticulous.

After all, she only came across a breakdown like this in newspapers.

To her, there was no immediate connection between the breakdown and Yun Shishi.

She walked out of the hotel and called her artiste one more time.

It, again, went unanswered.

She called a few more times, and each time, it was only the automated voice repeating the notice to her.

She wanted to call Gu Xingze when she discovered, there and then, that she did not have his number.

Oh, dear… Whats wrong with me

She tousled her hair in frustration. Where have those two gone off to Why is everyone disappearing on me

By the time she returned to the production set, the props were already pretty much packed.

The director was still busy, though.

Mu Xi approached him cautiously.

“Director Lin, have you seen Shishi”


He turned around.

“Why would I see her Arent you her assistant”


She was dumbstruck with his remark.

He laughed.

“You are her assistant, and you dont know where she is; how would I know, then”

“She was drenched after the shoot, so I told her to have a hot shower in her room, but I am unable to contact her since!” she mourned.

“Have you tried looking for her at the hotel”

“Theres no one in the room.”

This was when he looked at her in the eyes.

“Theres nobody in the room”


“Then, where can she be”

He found this weird, too.

“Have you called her handphone”

“I couldnt get through the line.”

“Couldnt get through!” He frowned.

Her face had already turned red from anxiety.

“I called a few times, but it always went to the automated machine.

I really dont know whats wrong.”

From her periphery, she caught sight of Ruo Bing picking her backpack, immediately disregarded the director as she rushed to get the womans attention.

“Ruo Bing, Ruo Bing!”

The woman halted her steps with a dazed look on her face.

“Er You are…”

“Im Yun Shishis assistant.”

“Oh, oh! Thats right!” She laughed.

“Im sorry I failed to recognize you right away.”

“No problem; no problem…” Mu Xi worriedly asked, “Oh, yes.

Have you seen my Shishi”

“No…” The other assistant was lost and bewildered by her question.

This assistant is funny; why is she asking me about the artiste shes in charge

Im not Yun Shishis assistant in the first place.

“Then, have you seen Xingze”

“Hes probably gone back.”

She continued resignedly.

“I may be his assistant, but his personality is… Eh, he dislikes others interfering with his personal life, so he disallows anyone from following him after he wraps up his shoots.”

“Er, if its convenient, can you give me Xingzes number” The other carefully raised the question.

She was stunned and then shook her head.

“Im sorry I cant.

His number cant be divulged to anyone.”

“Im asking because I have no other way to find her, except to see if hes seen her.” The younger assistant pleaded with her.

“Perhaps, you can give him a call.

This way, you need not give me his number.

This is an emergency, and I really need your help, please!”

Lin Fengtian had gone over by then and, seeing Ruo Bings reluctance, told her straight in the face.

“You call Xingze now and find out where he is!”

The assistant could not reject this famous directors instruction and nodded in acquiescence.

“All right.”

She took out her phone and called Gu Xingzes number.


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