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An unwed mother!

As soon as Song Enya spoke, there was an uproar on set.

The crowds gazes shifted from her to Yun Shishi and found it to be unbelievable!

Yun Shishi had illegitimate children and was a third party!

Such shocking news, surely it was untrue!

She did not seem to be such a vile woman.

Still, the woman did not seem to be speaking nonsense, too.

Her words held credibility and sense, not at all sounding nonsensical.

Could Yun Shishi really have such dirty secrets

It was not impossible.

For a newbie, she was blessed with resources from day one and received much support even before the movie was released that her limelight had long overshadowed the superstars heavenly halo.

It was a little incredible, indeed.

Was it really what this woman had said Did she get between a marriage and hook up with a mysterious investor

After working in this industry for so long, it was clear that everything was not baseless.

For a moment, the crowd buzzed fervently as countless skeptical gazes fell on her.

With a nonchalant face, she merely looked at the woman calmly.

Jun Mo, however, could not take it and fumed, “Song Enya, dont slander people! You say that Shishi is a third party and an unwed mother, but do you have any proof”

The other answered with disdain, “Whats your name Am I talking to you An actress still dares to be so pretentious with me; dont know where your courage comes from, then step aside!”

Jun Mos handsome face turned sullen.

She stepped forward and moved to speak, but Yun Shishi stopped her again.

She did not wish to see her stepping into muddy waters for her.

Hence, she raised her head and said, “Jun Mo, thank you for defending me, but this is a private matter between me and her.

Its better if you stay out of it.”

She looked at her with heartache, displeasure evident on her face.

“I just cant ignore it, Shishi.

What gives her the right to slander you like this This is baseless; shes starting a rumor, and its too much!”

“Am I starting a rumor Is it truly baseless!”

Song Enya laughed coldly and mockingly.

“Yun Shishi, your acting is really superb! Oh, how your pure and innocent face fooled so many people.

They are willing to defend you, but do you dare to admit the truth to them Am I all talks and have no proof Am I just starting a rumor and smearing your name without evidence Not only is your acting superb in the show, even your acting outside it is matchless.

In front of Brother Mu, do you fool him, too, with your white lotus act”

Yun Shishi, however, maintained a calm face.

Her eyes were full of pity as she looked at Song Enya; it was as if the latter was a pathetic being.

Hurt by her gaze, the other exclaimed, “Whats with your look!”

She raised a brow.

“I only feel that youre truly pitiful.”

Song Enya was tongue-tied for a moment, unable to get the gist of her words.

“What do you mean!”

She took a step forward and slowly said to her ear, “No matter how you rage, you cant change the fact that Mu Yazhe is my man.

Youre the one unqualified, understand”

Song Enyas eyes blazed in anger, and she raised her palm at once.

“B*tch, youre shameless!”

Jun Mo swiftly reached out and pushed Yun Shishi to her back protectively.

The slap to her face, however, was slow to fall.

Song Enya furiously looked over her shoulder, only to find Gu Xingze, who somehow appeared behind her, tightly holding her wrist.

A pair of frosty yet handsome eyes landed on her in an incredibly indifferent manner.

“You…” Upon seeing him, her face paled for a moment.


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