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“Stop smoking.

You still need to record an album tomorrow, and the DEMO for a movie title.

Youll wreck your throat if you continue to smoke.”

He threw her a sidelong glare, quietly fished out another stick from the cigarette box, and took a drag after lighting it.

The weak flame from the tip might be faint, but it lit up his pair of cold eyes.

She did not know what to do with him.

Squatting before him, she said patiently, “Xingze, you can always talk to me if you are unhappy.

You dont have to torture yourself in this way.”

He kept his mum and treated her like air.

She was embarrassed but could do nothing about it.

She had been working for him for years, yet she knew very little about him.

From what she knew, he was extremely sentimental.

Unlike other stars who changed their assistants one after another, he only had two of them since his debut.

He was the type to keep the things he liked no matter how broken or worn out they became.

He was the superstar among all the stars, and the number-one idol in the nation, yet he was insulated from gossips.

Many actresses had flocked to him; nevertheless, he was always alone.

Other than that, she knew nothing about him.

Maybe, in the first place, no one could make him open up his heart.

He was discovered by a talent scout at 15; after which, he entered showbiz through Huanyu.

After signing up with the entertainment company, he acted in his first movie and released an album later on.

Since then, his fame had skyrocketed, and his career was smooth-sailing.

Looking past the fame and glamor, the superstar gave off only one feeling.


Thats right.


Beside Qin Zhou, no one could truly get close to him.

This might have to do with his childhood.

It seemed that he was an illegitimate son of the famous Gu family in the capital.

His mother had passed away when he was very young, and he was exiled to live by himself overseas.

That only changed when he met Qin Zhou when he was 15.

To his assistant, he was always aloof and detached, just like a prince on a pedestal, whom no one could get close.

This was her first time seeing him distraught, though, and that put her at a loss.

“Xingze, you still have a scene to complete this afternoon.

Will you have any problem acting later with your current state”

“No problem.” He opened his mouth at long last.

That put her heart at ease finally.

“Thats good! Have a good rest and get into form.”

He looked downcast holding the cigarette between his lips.

Right now, acting was his only way of releasing his pent-up emotions.

There were moments when he wished that time would stand still there and then.

He wanted to live in the world of acting, never to depart.

At least, he got to hold her hands, hugged her, and kissed her when they were acting.

Into that act, he had really poured all of himself; it was for real.

Alas, to her, it was merely acting.

There were two scenes in the afternoon.

One was between Lu Jingtian and Jun Mo.

The other was Gu Xingze and Yun Shishi.

These two acts consisted of the important highlights in the novel.

Jun Mo did not have many acts in this movie, but when she did make her appearance, they were always significant scenes.

As this was her first acting role a novice actress, she spent a considerable amount of time polishing her skills.

Often, she would look for Yun Shishi to practice her script.

She worked hard, going over a line for a scene a couple of times each.

In her first act, her characterSu Qi shared a scene with Lu JingtiansLin Hena.


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