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It was a different side of her that was presented to the production crew.

Throughout the filming, she astounded them with her gentleness and friendliness.

She got along well with everyone, and to their surprise, she did not make things difficult for the rookie, too.

She was fully prepared when it came to the scene in the basement.

Unlike her predecessor, she did not make an opportunistic attack at Yun Shishi; instead, the scene was smoothly wrapped up with just three bad takes.

Lin Fengtian was pleasantly surprised with her performance.

The scene was well executed, be it her lines, walking position, expression, or dramatization.

The slapping act was completed using the montage effect and not real action by the actresses.

All in all, everything was done right.

Mu Xi was also surprised by this sudden change in Lu Jingtian.

However, as a saying went,a fox might grow grey but never good.

It was hard for her to believe that the woman had shed her spoiled and insolent nature to become a totally different person.

To Yun Shishi, though, she was just happy to mingle well with all the cast.

Since the incident involving Yan Bingqing, those who had offended her came forward to offer their sincere apologies.

Even Yang Mi had a change of attitude toward her and would intentionally act friendly with her at times.

After spending some time with the actress, she gradually came to accept her.

The woman might be a schemer, but she was at least not as thorny as Yan Bingqing, who was a pain to handle.

Yang Mi, who had been in a film when she was very young, officially made her debut in the acting industry at 17.

Simply put, she had been in show business for a decade now.

Yun Shishi, who viewed her as a seasoned actress, was naturally respectful of this senior.

The actress truly had a change of opinion regarding her as well.

Initially, as she was thinking that the newcomers ample resources were obtained through underhanded means, she had disliked her.

However, after getting along with her for some time, she grew to admire the latters authenticity, and they became friends.

There were times when she would put up pictures of their wefie on Weibo.

As for Yun Shishi, having learned to use the platform, she often interacted with other artistes via it.

The only thing that kept her in a fix was Gu Xingzes aloofness toward her.

Once, on a hot day, she was giving out some bottled water to the production team.

The superstar, who had just finished his part, was on his way to his resting room.

She went over to pass him a bottle when she saw him, but he ignored her completely.

He simply brushed past her without a second look.

By the time she recovered from her surprise, he had gone into his room, shut the door, and locked her out.

What had happened exactly that he had to keep a distance from her

Was it because… of what had happened that day

She could not help feeling down.

To her, he was a senior deserving of her respect.

He gave her so much help, but now, both were no better than strangers.

This was a blow to her.

Her assistant witnessed their interaction, and she, too, could not fathom the reason for this overnight change.

There seemed to be a huge chasm between the two.

They used to get along so well.

She could still remember how the superstar had given up Qin Zhou, his ace agent, to her.

It was all thanks to the superstar that she could get an ace agent.

Somehow, their relationship had turned frosty.

What had happened

Though she was concerned, Mu Xi dared not to probe.

Somehow, these twos relationship was unclear and mysterious, and she could not make head or tail of it.


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