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Chapter 804: There are no true friends in this industry. Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


Thinking back of Lu Jingtians smile to her earlier, it was really hypocritical.

“Ive just debuted not long ago, but Ive made many enemies; am I that bad at managing people relations” Yun Shishi mocked herself.

Mu Xi, however, laughed.

“Shishi, you need to adjust your mentality.

Having plenty of enemies means that youre popular.

Others are jealous of you, so they pick on you.

If youre unknown with no fame, who will take you seriously Those who see you as a thorn in their flesh are all jealous of your resources.

In this industry, youre considered as one-of-a-kind.”

She was taken aback.

“This industry is really complicated.”

“Thats what it is!” her assistant affirmed.

“How many true friends do you think are in this industry The industry is so big, but the resources are limited.

In the competition for fame and fortune, many are hypocritical people; youll have to pay more attention in the future.

No matter how big your background is, sometimes, if someone gets hold of your sore spot and uses public opinion to attack you, youre finished.

Water may keep the boat afloat, but it may also sink it, too, so you must maintain your image in front of your fans.”

Her advice was really pertinent.

She listened to her words and smiled.

“Thank you, Xiao Mu.”

“Eh, Shishi, you really dont know how blessed you are.

For a newbie like you, if not for Huanyus support, do you think that you can win against Yan Bingqing”

She sincerely answered, “To tell you the truth, I dont have much ambition.

Acting is merely a hobby of mine, and Ive never thought of competing for fame or fortune.

I just purely like it and only want to see acting as an ordinary job – a way of life.

Am I doing things the improper way for having no ambition”

“Indeed,” her assistant replied honestly, poking straight on her sore spot.

Her lips twitched.

“Need you to be so frank!”

The other laughed.

Honestly speaking, if these words were to come out of other peoples mouths, it would seem very pretentious and pompous.

Which of those who entered this industry did not come for fame and fortune

Even though it might not be at first, but after entering this industry, it was hard to maintain that initial resolution once they were influenced.

However, from Yun Shishis mouth, the words sounded very pure.

Many artistes, if blessed with her resources, they would have long created hype for themselves using unscrupulous methods.

In contrast, she really only saw acting as a job.

“This is no ordinary industry, though; youll have to be extra prudent in everything.”

Over the next few days, after Lu Jingtian entered the production team, the main priority was to re-film Yan Bingqings previously taken scenes in order to keep on schedule.

Due to Yan Bingqing getting banned and fired from the production team for making use of her role as Lin Hena to bully a co-actress, all the previous footage had to be re-filmed now.

From the many scenes featuring Yin Xiachun and Lin Hena, Lin Fengtian retained the close-ups of Yun Shishi, while the other parts required re-filming.

In the first few days of Lu Jingtian joining the production team, as she was the missy of one of Huanyus higher-ups, everyone was very careful around her.

She was infamous for her bad temper, which was no better than Yan Bingqing.

When she was filming on the other sets before, she would often get into disagreements and vent anger on the staff as well.

Her temper was notoriously lousy.

However, this time, after joining the team, as if vaccinated, or perhaps with Yan Bingqing as precedent, her volatile temper was nowhere to be seen.


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