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Chapter 81: Wine Club (2)


And recently, she seduces this fat middle-aged man.

Yan Liangxiong got obsessed with her beauty.

Especially her slim figure, sweet and young looks.

Han Jingyi will let her fortune take its course on its own way, she will use this man to get a few reality show and gain a little fame.

Yan Liangxiong is a strong asset, he is one of the largest investors in Universal Entertainment youth film “Green Fruit”.

Han Jingyi’s agent is very familiar with the unspoken information of the entertainment industry.

So they asked Yan Liangxiong about it, Han Jingyi’s agent hope that they can take this opportunity.

If she can be finalized as the heroine of the “Green Fruit”, her dream to become popular is just around the corner!

Therefore, at the dinner, Han Jingyi is focusing her mind on reading this rich and powerful big boss movement.

Yan Liangxiong is simply very satisfied with her coaxing and felt elated.

Watching them like this, surely the heroine selection will be finalized soon.

However, as Yun Shishi walked through the balcony.

Everyone’s attention completely got focus on her.

At this moment, no one even turns to look at Han Jingyi’s giggling and flirting.

Even Yan Liangxiong who deeply got attracted to Han Jingyi before lost his interest.

He actually have evil thoughts for Yun Shishi.

He had never seen such a pure looking girl like her.

Who is this otherworldly beauty

“This is … …” Yan Liangxiong voice sounds so gently.

It seems he is a bit afraid of scaring this immortal beauty.

Han Jingyi face turns ugly, she finally manages to coax Yan Liangxiong, but in just a few seconds, her entire being has been replaced in this man’s mind.

Her heart is unwilling to accept this, she looks at Yun Shishi and angrily said: “Oh, this is my new assistant, she doesn’t know how to serve expensive wine.

Which Mr.

Yan despise, right”

When Yun Shishi heard this, her eyes got panic: “I … … I don’t drink!”

Her tolerance in an alcoholic drink is not good.

Yan Liangxiong never experienced such a scene, her low voice is like a guilty lost deer and her feminine voice sounds very pleasing in the ear.

He looked at her small white face and because of her delicate and lovely voice, he couldn’t stop his imagination.

It’s very rare to find such a pure and innocent girl like her in the entertainment industry.

Even if there are pure girls, they are only for appearance sake, like they are only an installed personality.

However, a man can easily recognize it at a glance.

Especially Yan Liangxiong who is a veteran in such a situation.

He is sure that this girl is a rare creature!

This girl looks very beautiful, she is like a character in Anne of the Green Gables who is simple and refined.

He cannot wait for these entertainment people to went home.

If he can capture her and make her climb up his bed… … Ohh! Just thinking about it, his body turn hot!

Yan Liangxiong heart couldn’t help but itch.

Yan Liangxiong looked at Yun Shishi with a pair of red eyes.

“You don’t drink, is this an excuse”

Yan Liangxiong asks her.

But Han Jingyi who’s sitting beside her, look at her with very strange eyes.

Those strange eyes made Yun Shishi scalp’s tingle.

However, she still showed a professional attitude, even though her heart is actually cursing them.

“I really can’t drink, I’m allergic to alcohol, just a few cup can make me drunk … …”


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