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Chapter 80: Wine Club (1)


He wanted to look forward on that day.

Yun Tian You’s small hand clasped to the car window, he cannot hide the extreme loneliness in his eyes.

For so many years, he thought he had no father, but now that his father is in his line of sight, he doesn’t know what to do.

Before he is like Yun Shishi.

He only guesses the appearance of the person he never met even once.

He occasionally tried to described his father’s features inside his mind.

He must be very tall, has beautiful eyes, has a high nose.

He must be very handsome when wearing a suit.

Because in the kindergarten, the teachers always praise him that he was so handsome, so maybe his daddy is even more handsome.

In fact, this man is really very handsome.

His heart thought for a moment.

If six years ago, he is with his father, how nice would that be

Unfortunately …

Youyou mind suddenly remembered Yun Shishi’s gentle words: “Youyou will never leave Mommy, right”

Right! He will never leave his Mommy, never!

He is mommy’s small warm man for life! He wants to protect his mommy, he will not let anyone hurt her, even if it’s his father … … He won’t allow it!

Youyou lowered his eyes, he tried to cover the fleeting emotions in his eyes and slowly raised the car window.

Mu Yazhe carried Little Yi Chen and patted his little head.

But suddenly, he glimpses on a strange luxury car.

He keeps looking at the expensive car that slowly moving away.

He vaguely saw a lonely figure through the window.

A six-year-old child is sitting in the back seat, he lazily propping his head and looks lonely.

Mu Yazhe’s heart felt drain as if he lose something important and he even had a hard time to breath.

Little Yi Chen raised his head, he got surprised to see him looking from afar and frowning, he said: “Daddy, what’s wrong”

“Ah … nothing.” Mu Yazhe lowered his head and hook a smile on his lips, but apparently he is still somewhat absent-minded.


In the VIP room, high-class wines can be distinguished.

Yun Shishi had just opened the door, she unexpectedly caught the sweet color of the scene in front of her.

She saw Han Jingyi was sitting next to a fat middle-aged man, she charmingly beating the man’s shoulders and spraying childishly the wine on him.

She looks very attractive with her expose shoulder and sexy dress.

The people sitting around in the circle are laughing as if they are accustomed to this flowery scene.

The people in the circle are looking at the licentious scenes, but they didn’t seem to find it strange.

The fat middle-aged man is hugging Han Jingyi.

This fat middle-aged man is a real estate development big boss, Yan Liangxiong.

He has quite some status and wealth.

Yun Shishi is somewhat not used to see such scenes but still forced herself to sit beside Han Jingyi as soon as possible.

However, as she walked through the balcony and sits beside her the atmosphere slightly changed.

Originally, Han Jingyi is an art school student and inexperience, but she is familiar and understand the rules of the entertainment business such as this.

With a good appearance, she signed a contract with Universal Entertainment.

However, her debut was last year, but she didn’t get any project and is still an unknown actress.

And recently, she seduces this fat middle-aged man.

Yan Liangxiong got obsessed with her beauty.

Especially her slim figure, sweet and young looks.

Han Jingyi will let her fortune take its course on its own way, she will use this man to get a few reality show and gain a little fame.


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