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“Whats weird”

“The overall feeling is just very weird.

Since you dont let me work and film, what do you want me to do Be a housewife and meekly stay at home, just like most of those Japanese wives, only waiting for their husbands return You say youll take care of me, but I feel that, this way, Im no different from a canary kept in captivity of a cage.”

Her calm account of her viewpoint, every part of it, made his heart be in a turmoil.

The Mu family was a textbook example of patriarchy.

Perhaps, certain views had been ingrained in his mind, but she would, from time to time, break these concepts.

Women needed to work.

Women needed to be financially independent.

Women could not solely rely on men.

She was indeed not quite the same as the other women.

The entertainment industry, for example, was brimming with stars who had entered it for nothing more than fame and wealth.

They thirsted for stardom and even more for the day that they could marry into a wealthy family and become a young mistress in the upper-class society.

The women of wealthy family were indeed like canaries in cages; their world revolved around the men.

Although they seemed glamorous on the surface, the truth was that they were mentally and physically exhausted from maintaining their rich and vain image.

Even so, many women willingly flocked to these cages.

She, in contrast, was dying to escape from it.

“Why do you compare yourself to those women” He lifted her chin with a little displeasure and kissed her lips in a disgruntled manner.

“Youre not a canary; youre my woman.”

Startled, her eyes widened.

He continued.

“Youre not the same as them.

I want to take care of you because youre too stupid – always getting bullied by others!”

“How am I stupid” She raised her fist as she protested.

He caught her fist and replied, “If you wish to continue working and filming, you can, but dont let yourself suffer from any grievances again.

Ill get very angry if you get bullied!”

Very angry, indeed.

When he saw how she was humiliated by Yan Bingqing previously, he almost lost his control and caused havoc in the production team.

Yun Shishi was secretly shocked, her heart warming as she looked at him.

With a smile, she asserted, “Alright.

I wont let myself suffer any grievances and get bullied again.

That time, I did it for the sake of the show.”

“For the sake of the show regardless of yourself” he asked coolly.

“Do you know…”

… That my heart aches

His words hitched at his throat.

He still found it difficult to voice out certain words frankly.

She blinked.

Seeing that he had more words to say, she asked with puzzlement, “Know what”

“Nothing!” He reached out to rub her silky hair, unable to help himself from poking her between her brows.

“Woman, I noticed that youre a piece of blockhead sometimes.”

“What now”

“In the industry, so many women want to hook up with me, but you, on the other hand, turn a blind eye to such a huge backer”

Her almond-shaped eyes glowed brightly in merriment.


Of course, I rely.

Why wont I rely on my backer”

It was very weird, though.

Which backer would beg people to rely on them

She smiled with her lips pursed.

Sometimes, she found this man to be quite cute.

She was not in the capital for the past few days, so she did not know what had happened in it at all, let alone the news of Yan Bingqings ban.

During their retreat, the man deliberately confiscated the mother and sons phones and tablets in hopes of isolating them from online news.


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