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Yun Tianyou finally closed his eyes and, out of the blue, felt something warm touch the back of his hand.

He was startled into opened his eyes, only to see a small palm, soft and warm, resting on top of his hand.

The hand was the same size as his, and it wrapped nicely around his.

The boy raised his head slightly and quietly without any disturbance.

Looking past Yun Shishi, he saw Little Yichen, with his face buried under the quilt and eyes tightly shut.

One of his hands was discreetly resting on the back of his palm at first, but he eventually interlocked his fingers with his.

Both wore identical amethyst bracelets on their wrists.

They emitted beautiful and glittering luster under the clear moonlight outside the window.

This was the present he got from his older brother, and the latter was wearing the same thing as well.

‘This is your older brothers gift for you!

‘Do you like it

‘You havent given me a reply yet; do you like it

He could still remember how his brother had carefully put this bracelet on his wrist.

Looking at his sincere and gentle action, he almost blurted out, “I like it.”

He liked this bracelet.

I like it!

It was so beautiful he had once wondered if this was really handpicked by his brother.

He was doubtful that his twin had such good tastes.

I like it!

Because this was the first gift from his brother, he liked it very much.

It was so exquisite, even the wrapping, that he was unwilling to unwrap at first.

Alas, his pride prevented him from telling him his liking; it was just too embarrassing to say that aloud.

He might seem to reject him from his behavior, but deep down, he had already accepted his older brother.

As he observed his brothers peaceful face at sleep, his heart was in turmoil.

His profile was so alike with Little Yichen that, if they were to stand facing each other, it would be like looking in a mirror; none could tell them apart except for their difference in height and frame.

In his mind, he could see the image of his brother running after him, nervously asking, “What do you think of us living as a family together – daddy, mommy, you, and me”

Living together as a four-member nuclear family…

This was a dream he dared not have in the past.

His eyes sparkled.

He returned his gaze onto the amethyst bracelet on his wrist, and with its purple sheen reflected on his pupils, his pinkish lips parted open involuntarily—

“I like it…”

He blurted out his thought unconsciously, and when he realized what he had said, he quickly bit his lower lip in alarm.

Alas, he could not retrieve those uttered words.

Feeling sheepish, he looked nervously at his brother.

The latter seemed to be sleeping soundly, undisturbed by his earlier declaration.

He should be sleeping, right Most likely, he didnt hear my earlier words!

Sighing in relief, his face relaxed.

It was sometimes difficult to articulate what he truly felt inside.

He was unable to tell his brother directly that he actually fancied his gift.

He lay in the bed and drifted to sleep again.

He did not know that, beside him, his brother opened his eyes slowly.

Little Yichens lips were graced with an ecstatic smile.

Did he just say that he likes it Does that mean that he likes my present


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