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Mu Yazhe frowned.

“Shut up.

You do it if you can.”


The ones I grill will definitely taste better than yours!” Youyou looked at him with ill-disguised contempt.

From the side, Yichen chimed in, “Its not a question of whether the food daddy grilled tastes good or not but whether it is edible or not, instead.”

“Yes.” Youyou mused.

“After eating, well suffer from food poisoning for sure.”

“May not even get a chance to be rescued.”


It was obvious that the younger one agreed to his older brothers assessment.

The two guys sang the same tune and continued to show contempt to the man.

The man tightened his grip on the tongs.

With veins popping out from the back of his hands, his face darkened further!

“You know what Daddys cooking isnt edible at all,” the older of the twins exposed.

“With his poor culinary skills, he dares to still cook”

“He did it once and nearly blew up the kitchen.” Little Yichen shook his head helplessly and sighed.

Youyou took a gander at the man, his eyes filling with more contempt.

“You dont even know how to cook; how can you take care of my mommy”

Mu Yazhe: “… Do men need to know how to cook”

“Youre a man who doesnt know how to cook, yet you still want to woo my mommy To catch mommys heart, you should first catch her stomach.” The boy pursed his rosy lips and gave him a negative feedback.

His older brother said, “Youd better not make things difficult for daddy.

When he cooks, hes practically like a terrorist.

Whatever he lights up explodes; the whole kitchen was almost destroyed by him that time.”

He had suffered from the experience before.

He still remembered that day he pestered his father to cook for him; in the end, in just fifteen minutes, he heard an explosion from the kitchen.

Following which, a pungent smell pervaded in the kitchen.

He came close to take a look.

The huge kitchen was filled with smoke and the entire wall was blackened.

The counter was a mess and pots were charred to the point that their bottoms had holes.

It was like a nuclear reactor laboratory exploding – absolutely terrifying.

From then on, he was left with a deep trauma and no longer trusted his fathers culinary skills.

Well, to be accurate, the man had no culinary skills to speak of.

Youyou bluntly stated, “Even if he doesnt cook, he looks like a terrorist, too.”


He looks more like a terrorist than a terrorist; hes basically anti-human.”

Deeply worried, the younger lad shooed him away.

“Let me grill.

Im worried that, after mommy eats your grilled meat, shell suffer from food poisoning.”

The man froze.


“You must understand that my mommy is a delicate flower.

Her body is so fragile and cant stand your destruction.”

The boy continued giving his blunt criticisms.

Little Yichen got incredibly frightened, too, after hearing his words.

“Thats true, daddy.

Dont grill anymore.

I dont want to eat your meat and get sent to the hospital for gastric lavage 1 !”

The man endured all this silently.

“Have you two said enough”

Youyou pouted his rosy lips.

“Are you angry out of humiliation”

Yichen concurred.

“Yes, daddy must be angry out of humiliation.”

The younger of the twins continued.

“If your culinary skills are on the negative level, please dont harm the innocent.”

“Yes! Dont harm the innocent.”

“In order to avoid human tragedy, lay down the weapons in your hands.”

“Yes, lay down your weapons.”

The man was rendered completely speechless.

He had no way of dealing with these two clowns.

He frowned unhappily, apparently dissatisfied.

Was his cooking really anti-human

Surely, it was not bad to that extent!

He was forced to relinquish his position.

Chef Yun Tianyou tied his little apron and took over.

The barbecue grill was too high.

As his height was shorter than Yichens, he had to move a small bench over to stand on it.

Rolling his sleeves up, he held the tongs in one hand and the scissors in another.

He then started grilling.


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