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Was it that he… could not bear to open the gift

Although he said he dislike it on the surface, in actuality, did he like it a lot

Was this awkward little fellow feeling shy to say it

That must be the case.

Hence, Mu Yichen snatched the gift from his hand again and pretended to be feeling aggrieved.

“Its clear that you dont like it, so you dont need to force yourself.”

Youyou was shocked.

His lips twitched, but for a long time, he could not squeeze out a coherent line.


He clearly liked it a lot.

This was because, besides his mother, he had not received a gift from anyone else.

This gifts packaging was so exquisite, earnest, meticulous, too.

He had been carrying it with him everywhere.

There were a few times that he wanted to open it but could not bear to do so.

He did not know why the idea was unbearable.

Was he just unwilling to destroy such beautiful packaging

He could tell that this was gift-wrapped by hand – attention was paid to every detail.

Yichen looked at him expectantly and saw the struggle and complex look on his face.

Say it.

If you like it, then say it.

Why was he always hiding his true feelings inside and not speaking them out

He clearly liked the gift he gave very much; he could tell from his eyes, so why could he not say it

Who did he inherit such an awkward personality from

Under his expectant gaze, Youyou took a deep breath and opened his mouth but could only choke out a few words.

“Then… forget it!”

With that, he coldly glanced at him.

“Ive never seen a person like you.

You gave a gift, yet you take it back.


He turned to wear his pants and minded him no longer.

Yichens lips twitched.

This little brother of his was beyond awkward.

Suddenly, with a sigh, he walked to his side and placed the gift back in his hand.

“There; open it and see if you like it!”

“Not opening!”

“Open it!”

“Not opening; why even bother”

“Not opening Ill help you open it, then!” He really started opening the present.

Seeing this, Youyou nervously stopped his action abruptly.


“Whats the matter”

“Forget it…” The younger lad pursed his lips.

“Let me open.”

He could not help but laugh at that.

This guy was really fun to tease.

Youyou saw him chuckling behind his hand and blushed, questioning in anger, “Hey! What are you laughing about”

“Laughing at your cuteness.”

“Youre seriously sick.” The younger twin snorted.

Immediately pinching the ribbon with his fingers, he hesitated for a moment, then pursed his lips, and pulled it apart at one go.

He slowly removed the packaging, his face expectant and pious.

Every action was carefully taken as he could not bear to spoil the cheap wrapping paper.

When he spied the solemnity and cautiousness on his brothers face, the older twin was beyond touched.

He… really cherished his gift a lot.

He could tell from his careful actions.

His heart warmed a little, as if a surge of heat had flooded it.

Youyou had already taken apart the packaging at this point.

In the box quietly sat a violet crystal bracelet.

He widened his eyes in surprise.

The mysterious purple sheen, the crystals exquisite luster, and the unique design all made up for a very good-looking present.


He frowned as he found it to be very familiar.

Suddenly, he bowed his head to land his sight on Yichens wrist.

He saw that a crystal bracelet looped around his brothers delicate wrist, and it was the same design.

“Do you like it” His older brother observed his face nervously.


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