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Chapter 77: Thorn


Yun Shishi’s face got pale and slowly said: “I haven’t forgotten each term in the contract.

Don’t worry, I will not appear in front of my … I mean, your son ‘s life.”

“Do you mean it”

“Yes!” Yun Shishi bites her lips.

Mu Wan Rou showed up a smile on her face, but it is an extreme cold smile.

“I hope Miss Yun will not forget what you said today.

If I learn that you had breached the contract or if you disturb our lives, I will make you regret it!”

She moves her face closer to Yun Shishi as she told her cold warnings.

Mu Wan Rou immediately sees a kiss mark on her neck.

When Mu Yazhe did not return at home for a night, she had sent someone to investigate and get a copy of the hotel’s CCTV footage and she saw him enter the suite.

By next morning, Mu Yazhe left the room first.

And at noon a girl wearing a dress came out and following  Mu Yazhe’s secretary, although she can’t see that girl’ s face … …

But this woman’s size and figure look exactly the same to that girl.

And the moment she saw that ambiguous trace of love mark in her neck, Mu Wan Rou couldn’t stop her imagination.

The more she tried to imagine, the more she got angry, her veins pop up and got visible on her forehead.

“You slut!”

She’s so angry, she wants to slap her face.

But when she was about to do it, she heard a soft voice behind her.

“Mommy I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Little Yi Chen doesn’t know why he wants to return, but when he did so, he saw Mu Wan Rou wants to hurt the strange woman, so he tried to speak to stop her.

Mu Wan Rou got surprised, she turned around and tried to look at him gently.

“Yi Chen, didn’t you went home with Aunt Gui”

“Mommy doesn’t want to eat at home” Little Yichen looked at Mu Wan Rou.

He doesn’t know the reason why he is trying to protect that strange woman.

But still, he calmly said, “Daddy said let’s go back home and have dinner.”

Mu Wan Rou no longer wants to waste more time to Yun Shishi.

She still has a lot of opportunities to prove those facts last night.

She naturally will not let her go! Sooner or later she will make her disappear completely in the capital! This thorn, she must erase her!

Thus, Mu Wan Rou glared back at her, then she turned and hold Little Yi Chen and left.

God had sent an angel at the right time.

For the mean time, there are too many complex emotions, her heart felt sour and bitter.

So her other child’s name is Yi Chen… …

Seeing that her own flesh and blood was calling another woman as his “Mommy”… … It is truly a painful thing.

She still remembered and cherished those terms in the contract six years ago.

She gave birth to this son, but in this life, they are destined to be a stranger.

It sounds cruel, but she must do so.

The Mu family is so powerful, so how can she compete with them.

To this child, she wasn’t qualified to be his mother … …

Yun Shishi took a deep breath, she tried to put aside her thoughts for now and rushed to the dinner.


At the intersection side of the street, a Mercedes Benz car was parked.

This is one of the world’s limited customization, at a glance, the owner of the car seems to have a noble identity.

Inside the car, there is a black leather sofa and expensive carpet.

At the side, there is a small wine cabinet with expensive wine, vodka, and other light drinks.

Yun Tian You is sitting on the sofa, his hand is holding an expensive goblet with Coke.


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