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Youyou closed his eyes.

His brother suddenly pressed his lips close to his ear and whispered, “Brother, your eyelashes are long.”


This fellow sure is talkative.

He flipped his body to the other side irritatingly.

His brother was like a kitten that crept its way to his face without a sound and carefully studied his face.

His long ashes were curly and thick, just like a black phoenixs beautiful wings.

His eyes, in classic almond shape, were identical to his brother.

Both had deep-set eyes with upturned corners and charming peach rims.

Their nose bridge was high and their thin lip flaps were like cherry petals.

The difference between them was his brothers skin; it was soft, translucent, and as fair as porcelain.

He reached out to pinch his face without realizing it.

Youyou felt a touch from a flabby hand and opened his eyes, only to see his brother staring in wonder at his face.


Your skin is so tender; its soft and smooth just like water…”

His sibling muttered through clenched teeth, “Mu Yichen—”

“Yes, sir!” The older boy unconsciously stood ramrod straight, assuming a military pose; his powerful voice reverberated through the room.

His brother was struck dumb by his loud response.

Yichen seemed to realize his awkward situation as he scratched his head sheepishly.

“Er… I received military training when I was much younger, so when you called my name, I unconsciously assumed the army salute…”

The younger boys eyes gave a fierce twitch.

“Can you keep quiet for a minute”

“All right; all right!” His brother smiled indulgently.

Disconcerted by his stare, Youyou immediately drew a line with him.

“Im warning you now; keep five meters away from me.”

The other lad nodded and yawned.

True to his promise, he took three steps back to keep that five-meter distance.

“Dont get any closer!” the younger twin warned again.

He nodded and held his heavy head.

The younger one got in bed and took a peek at him again before he shut his eyes.

His older sibling had settled down by then.

He was sitting cross-leg on the floor with his chin propped in his palms; he looked sleepy with his drooping eyelids.

He was so sleepy, indeed.

As he did not have his afternoon nap, he was getting sleepy fast.

“Brother, Im sleepy.”


“Little brother, are you asleep yet”

“Eh.” A stifled voice was heard from beneath the sheets.

“Why are you talking when you are sleeping”

“Shut up.” His brother snorted.

Pouting, he asked tentatively, “Im sleepy, too.

Can I sleep beside you”


There was no reply.

He got up and saw that Youyou was now fast asleep.

He crawled to the side of the bed on all fours and sneaked a peek at his brother one more time.

Youyous eyes remained tightly shut, and it seemed that he was truly asleep under the thin quilt.

Biting his lower lip, he put one leg on the bed first, and when there was no reaction from the person under the covers, he moved his body slowly and carefully on the bed.

As soon as his head touched the pillow, he fell into a slumber.

Youyou suddenly opened his eyes to the sight of his brother sleeping next to him.

He sighed softly when he noted that this irritating fellow had quieted down at last.

Still, why doesnt he cover himself

Although it was hot and sunny outside, the aircon was working at full blast inside the house.

He would catch a cold easily if he did not cover himself.

Alas, only one quilt was in the room.

He tugged at the quilt corner while he eyed his brother with some hesitation, apparently unwilling to share it with him.


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