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After procuring this island three years ago, he had a highway built on it.

He spent a year erecting a castle here with its private airstrip, and it was now a sight to behold.

When she walked into the quaint-style castle, her sight was greeted by two neat rows of servants.

Everything before her had instantly subverted her three outlooks of life.

She thought that only royalties would ever live in castles like this.

Was there not a saying

Money could make the devil turn millstones.

Gazing at the shock on her face, Youyou felt unconvinced.

A private island So what!

He could buy one, too!

It seemed that mommy really liked this place.

Youyou calculated in his heart.

Should he also buy a private island for her

The view here was indeed not bad.

A private island could not be that expensive.

It was difficult to buy mommys happiness!

This Mu Yazhe had brought them here for a vacation with no explanation.

One who was unaccountably solicitous had to be hiding evil intentions.

Thinking up to this, the boy sized up the man at the side with guarded eyes, slightly suspicious about the sincerity behind his intentions.

The man noted the bitterness on the boys face.

Quickly figuring his thoughts, he exchanged a glance with Little Yichen.

The strong chemistry between the father and son quickly let the kid get the message.

Thus, he walked to the front and happily looped his arm on Youyous shoulders.

“Little bro, lets go play volleyball at the beach, okay”

“I dont wanna!” the younger twin rejected coldly.

“You dont wanna play Why”

Little Yichen rolled his eyes and hid a smile behind his hand.

“Unless youre afraid of being unable to best me”

“Hmph! How can that be! Dyou think you can win against me with your standard” Although he knew that he was being spurred on, Youyou still replied with a skeptical tone.

“Youre obviously just afraid of losing face after I defeat you.

Sports are my forte.

On this point, youll be unable to compare to me!”

“Lets compete, then! Im not afraid of you!”

“Come on!”

The older twin raised his crooked little finger to the younger twin tauntingly.

The latter was naturally unwilling.

He rubbed his fists and wiped his palms.

He was hooked!

One went forward and led away the other by the hand.

Soon, they were on their way!

Before they departed, the older boy did not neglect to give his father a sneaky thumbs-up, mouthing, “Daddy, good luck!”

“Well done,” his father mouthed back.

Within the next moment, the two little boys were nowhere to be seen.

The mother of the twins was presently looking at a painting, entranced.

The man walked over and circled an arm around her shoulders.

Gently propping his jaw on her shoulder blade, he whispered, “Do you like it here”

“I like it.”

Her eyes were shining brightly.

She could not hide her astonishment.

“Do you know This is my first time seeing the ocean.”

“You havent seen one before”

“Yup! I didnt really get the chance to do so last time.” She bit her lower lip and peered at him sideways.

“This castle is really beautiful.

Can I roam it”

“Of course, you can!”

He held her hand gently and led her up to the second floor.

On the second floor, there were a total of three rooms.

One bedrooms floor size was about 660 square meters, with its separate washroom, walk-in closet, and salon.

This rooms interior design had taken inspiration from the old Rococo style.

It was dreamlike.

Lying in the soft, princess bed, she imagined herself indeed staying in a castle only found in fairy tales.


A princess dream was hidden in every girls heart.

Alas, not every princess dream could come true.

Still, right now, this man had fulfilled hers.


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