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Where did she go

Was it due to a guilty conscience that she became a coward

The verbal war on Weibo was on the rise for a while.

With the menacing aura of Yan Bingqings spammers, she managed to turn the tide in her favor.

Even some of Yun Shishis loyal fans could not help but waver in this chaotic situation.

From their initial resolution to vacillation, in the wake of those articles posted by Yan Bingqings studio, many fans support turned into one of suspicion, until finally, they lost their faith on Yun Shishis character and flooded her Weibo page with accusations.

This verbal war, at one point, charged the air with tension.

The actress browsed through the battle situation on Weibo.

It was now in her favor.

Just as she was feeling smug about it, a faint unease crept into her heart.

The eight media organizations under Huanyu were strangely still; it was deadly quiet on their side.

She had this nagging sensation that there was something eerie about it.

Was this brief silence the calm before the storm

Her worries were soon confirmed as she found out that her Weibo account had been suspended.

She repeatedly tried logging in but discovered, to her chagrin, that she was barred from accessing her account by the admin themselves.


Not just hers, even the others in her studio had been blocked off from logging in to their Weibo accounts.

Mo Yan emailed the admin requesting for the restoration of their login rights, but he was informed by them that the operations team had no authority to do so.

No authority

He was dumbstruck.

What this meant was the ones who had suspended their accounts were the top management.

This signified that Huanyu had started to take actions.

Following this, the spammers accounts were, one after another, suspended as well.

His face crumpled at once; the others in the studio looked for alternative channels, only to realize that this suspension of login rights was not limited to Weibo; it even extended to other well-known forum communities.

That night, the official Weibo page ofThe Green Apple released a long post.

It was a lengthy announcement, comprising a thousand words, that detailed all the atrocious acts Yan Bingqing had committed on set; some of them were acting like a big shot, secretly requesting for more scenes of her, maliciously bullying her colleagues, and slapping a newcomer by taking advantage of the filming requirements.

Finally, due to her repeated violations of the rules, the production team had unanimously decided to kick her out.

As for the character she was portraying, it would be given to another artiste from Huanyu.

The investors had given their explicit permission to remove and replace her.

The moment this announcement came out, it caused a massive uproar!

This announcement signified Yan Bingqings official removal to the movies cast lineup and a confirmation of her slapping a newbie.

The top eight news organizations under Huanyu started making their move as well; at once, they took down the smear articles posted by the actresss studio online.

At 7 PM, Huanyu suddenly uploaded a video on the companys official Weibo.

It was a clipping from the original film footage.

The video was clear-cut.

It showed Yan Bingqing bullying newbies in the production team, as well as her performing poorly on purpose to make the slapping scene be repeatedly shot, resulting in the perforation of Yun Shishis eardrum.

Besides all that, the video also showed a copy of Yun Shishis medical certificate from the hospital with the termsperforated eardrum due to application of external force,subconjunctival hemorrhage,minor concussion, among others written in it…



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