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The corner of Mu Yazhes lips lifted into an outline of a cold sneer.

As he stood up, his broad frame made the private ward appear smaller than it actually was.

He raised his chilling gaze on to Yan Bingqing.

“Yes, I pamper her.

Whats your problem with that”

The actress was thoroughly floored by his reply.

Mo Yan, for his part, was intimidated by his gaze and promptly looked down as his shoulders shriveled.

The aura surrounding this man was too intense it was simply terrifying.

“CEO Mu…” She put on a pitiful look, still hoping to plead with him.

However, the man held Yun Shishis shoulders without sparing her a glance.

“Get out.”


“I told you to get out; didnt you hear me” he snapped, his glare cutting.

The actress backed away, afraid to say anything more and, under his icy gaze, left discreetly with her agent.

The woman in the mans embrace was still feeling unfulfilled.

“Are we letting them go just like that Im not done flaunting my authority!”

He lowered his head to look at her face, finding her adorable at this moment.

Unable to stop himself, he nibbled her ear while he spoke with a charming drawl.

“Little thing, youre so bad.”

“When was I bad”

“When you made use of my influence as a gun.”


Id be a fool not to rely on my backing when I have one,” she replied seriously.

A fool for not relying on her available backing.

This answer was adorable and a classic.

His heart thumped hard in his chest as he gave her a peck on the cheek.

“With a backing as powerful as I am, you can rely on me however and whenever you want.”

She snickered at his tyrannical yet indulging tone.

Licking her lips, she feigned a troubled look.

“Huh Big boss Mu, is this considered as one of your unspoken rules”

“Do you have a problem with me caring for my woman” he questioned.

‘Do you have a problem with me caring for my woman

What a domineering warning!

She was stunned for a good while before she coyly pursed her lips and looked down shyly.

It appeared that this man had just said something that made her heart flutter.

Seeing her head droop, he thought that something might not have sat well with her.

He forcefully raised her head with his hand, only to catch sight of her flustered face.

Was she actually feeling shy!

“Feeling shy”

“No!” she gushed.

“You clearly are.

Your face is all red.” He pinched her cheek slightly.

Her skin was supple and felt good to the touch.

He uncontrollably pinched it a few more times.

“Stop fooling around!” She pushed his hand away huffily.

“Are you treating me like Youyou”

She raised her head for a second, and his handsome face quickly swooped in for a firm kiss.

He had been desiring the taste of her lips for a while now; thus, all for this moment, he urgently chased away those irritating flies.

As they were in a hospital ward, she was wary of being seen by a nurse doing this kind of activity, so she tried to put up a resistance against his advances.

Alas, the man put a stop to her resistance by grabbing her flailing hands.

He firmly cradled her nape in his one hand to deepen the kiss.

He peppered her lips with smooches before sucking them.

The kisses were beautiful.

The man could not get enough of her sweetness and wanted to delve in deeper for more of it.

However, she bit the corner of his lips, unconsciously hinting for him to stop.

He raised his amorous gaze, still relishing the lily fragrance between her lips with his.

In his heart, he was incorrigible.

It was as if she had injected him with the deadliest poison in the world.

Apart from her, no one else could fix it.


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