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It seemed that she had never eaten a humble pie before.

“Hello, Miss Yun; Im Bingqings manager.

Today, Im here with my artiste to visit you and to represent Bingqing in apologizing for that unpleasant event on set! I believe that theres just a huge misunderstanding then.

Since its only a mix-up, why dont we resolve the matter here to avoid future awkwardness on set Would Miss Yun please forgive Bingqings trespass Im sincerely requesting that we dont make the situation more awkward.

Dont you all agree, Miss Yun”

Mo Yan smiled amiably at her as he implored in a mild tone, “Miss Yun, what do you think”

Yun Shishis face turned cold, however.

“Oh, its as simple as that”

Her indifference made Yan Bingqing flustered.

Raising her chin slightly, she seemed not to have any intention of putting down her pride a lot.

The star manager was dumbfounded.

“Miss Yun, this… Were truly sincere in our apologies to you! What Bingqing did was a little wrong—”

“A little wrong”

Yun Shishis question about semantics interrupted his words and brought them to the main point.

She sneered.

“No, no, no…” He broke out in a cold sweat as he explained, “Bingqing indeed went overboard; thats why we are here to seek your forgiveness! I think that theres a bit of a misunderstanding.”

She tilted her head slightly, her eyes spilling a light mockery as she quietly asked, “Do you mean to say that one can hit someone over a little misunderstanding”

For a moment, he was tongue-tied.

These were merely superficial words; who would have thought that she would actually be so particular about semantics

Even though he had seen plenty of things before, he was at a loss on how to respond to her now.

Awkwardly holding his lips, he amicably replied, “Miss Yun, Bingqing has come to apologize to you in person.

This shows that shes acknowledged her mistakes.

She recognizes her wrongdoing and reflects on it; why dont we resolve this conflict and make friends”

Make friends

Her lips curled upward as her eyes narrowed.

“Oh, you keep mentioning apology, but I dont really feel a bit of sincerity in your speech.”

Yun Shishis words turned frosty, and her emotionless eyes fell on the other woman in the room.

She dragged her words out.

“Sister Bingqing, are you really here to apologize to me”

The actress was secretly eyeing the person in bed, but when she transferred the topic to her, her face abruptly turned livid.

She clenched her fists tightly, unable to squeeze out a word for a long time.

Raising a brow, Yun Shishi patiently reminded.

“Well, Sister Bingqing, are you here to apologize”

As if the two guests were non-existent, Mu Yazhe lazily held his womans shoulders and fed her a grape.

Seeing the love seeping out of him, Yan Bingqing was obviously jealous and resentful.

An apology! Did she want her apology

What joke was that She was already giving her face by visiting her here, yet she still wanted her to apologize!

She could not put down her face for a moment.

If the man was not around, she would probably swear.

The other could tell what she was thinking and smiled.

“Why Are you unwilling Such a reluctant look you have there.”


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