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These two little guys had such sharp instincts.

“Who bullied you, mommy Say it and I will bully them back worse!”

“I, too; I, too!”

“With us here, who would dare to lay a finger on you!”

The two brothers stood at the bedside with their arms around each others shoulders.

At this point, they were united against a common enemy.

They shared the same look of readiness to avenge her for the injustice she had received.

The two shared the same mind.

Regardless of their competition for her affection in the past, they were allies now, echoing each others thoughts.

Their parents shared a look of amusement at their stern demeanor.

“Stop fooling around!”

“Were not fooling around.”

“Yeah, yeah! Were not fooling around,” Little Yichen chimed in.

Youyou clenched his fists tightly.

With sullen eyes, he said rather indignantly, “Mommy got bullied, so we must help mommy get back her dignity.”

The older twin mimicked his actions and repeated angrily, “Yeah! Help mommy get back her dignity!”

“Let them know what the consequences are for bullying mommy!”

“Yeah! What the consequences are!”

“Bullying my mommy is intolerable!” the younger twin said furiously.

“Yeah! Intolerable!”

The other turned his gaze on his older brother unhappily and chastised, “Stupid, stop copying my words!”

“I didnt copy your words.”

“You did; I heard you.

You are like a parrot which only knows how to copy peoples words!”

“Its you who is like a parrot!”

“You are the parrot!”

“Its you who is the parrot!”





“Big idiot!”


“Your invalidation is invalid!”

“Your invalidation of my invalidation is invalid!”

The two boys were again caught up in their internal strife.

With flushed faces, they were flinging words at each other.

Their teeth were bared and their claws were drawn – a full-on fight was breaking out!

Mu Yazhe rubbed his temples in frustration. These two, when will they ever get along peacefully They were just united against a common enemy moments ago; now, they were back to disagreeing with each other bitterly.

He walked over right away and grabbed the cuddly boys in each arm, admonishing in a deep voice, “Stop fighting!”

Youyou was not buying it.

He folded his arms against his chest and snorted coldly, proceeding to ignore him by turning his face away.

Little Yichen, meanwhile, fell for it.

Feeling extremely wronged, his eyes became downcast as tears began to pool at his eye rims.

“Daddy is so fierce! I dont want daddy anymore; I want mommy!”

He opened his arms to his mother, begging for a hug.

Her heart instantly softened at that.

Raising her arms, she moved to bring him into her embrace.

At this, Youyou was a little jealous.

He struggled against his fathers hold, hoping to be let down so that he could throw himself into her arms as well!

Mommys embrace was his territory, and he needed to safeguard it until the end!

The man, unfortunately, was not planning to let him go.

He clenched the kids shoulders and redirected him into his embrace.

Holding his handsome face close to his sons adorable face, he said, “Youyou, be good.

Let daddy hug you!”

“I dont want your hug!”

The mans winsome eyes were laced with hurt and indignation.

“Why dont you want daddys hug”

He was rarely this close to his older son, yet his younger son was just too unlike the other.

He was aloof, docile, and proud.

He was clearly teasing him on purpose.

Youyou raised his little hand and pushed the mans handsome face away from him.

His face was filled with despise.

“Go away! I dont want your hug; I want mommys!”


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