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“I thought that I am infertile, so… I didnt take any precaution!” Her face was flushed as she gritted out these words.

“You dont have any congenital infertility.” He laughed.

“Thats no more than a trap set up by my nephew.”

At his words, her expression froze, and the corner of her brows twitched severely.

“You are saying…”

“That the infertility report from six years ago was forged by him.

I guess you dont know about this at all!”

Like a thunderclap, she stared at him with incredulity and shock in her eyes.

“Thats impossible…”

“Youre no more than a pawn to him.

What infertility Its all fake.”

“I pity that youre full of affection for him while being played by him all along.

Mu Wanrou, how pathetic you are.”

She clenched her fists tightly.

Every word of him was steadily destroying her psychological defense.

She took in a deep breath, closed her eyes, and then opened them again.

This time, they were cold and boundless.

“Fourth uncle, it seems that I still have some use in your eyes.”

“Not wrong.”

“Is it because Mu Sheng dotes on me”

“Yes.” He slowly stood up.

“This old man, even though his body is deteriorating, the power of the Mu family is still in his hands.

Youre the only one who can get close to him in the Mu family!”

“If I help you, what benefits do I get”

He answered, “Ill give you a lifetime of inexhaustible wealth and glory.”

“Not enough!” She suddenly smirked.

“Before I help you, I want you to get rid of two people for me.”


“Yun Shishi and Yun Tianyou!” She gnashed her teeth as she dragged out each word.

Special Care Unit.

Yun Shishi slowly opened her eyes.

The moment she did so, her left eye stung at the corner – a patch of blood was before her.

Startled, she shut her eyes tightly and slowly sat up from the bed.

Her half-opened right eye swept across the ward.

She suddenly realized that, at her bedside, Little Yichen was tightly clutching her hand as he lay on the bed seemingly fast asleep.

Meanwhile, Mu Yazhe was on the right side of her sickbed.

His warm palm was tightly holding her hand as his firm arm propped his head.

His eyes were closed; it seemed that he had fallen asleep as well.

His black fringe hid his eyelids.

A few stray strands dangled at his slightly furrowed brows, highlighting his fair face.

The father and son were holding each hand of hers on either side; the warmth from their palms spread from her fingertips to her heart and seemed to chase away the coldness in the ward.

She was originally having a severe headache; however, seeing the father-son pair at her sickbed as soon as she opened her eyes, even this most severe pain of hers subsided a little.

The corners of her lips could not help but curve into a gentle smile.

The door to the ward suddenly being pushed open slightly from the outside startled her.

Following which, Youyou walked in while balancing two heavy hot-water kettles in his hands.

His mouth had a shopping bag full of bread.

Lifting his eyes, he saw her sitting upright with her back leaning against the headboard.

He raised a brow in her direction and then his eyes widened in relief.

Putting down all the things on him, he was about to speak when he saw her mouth for him to be silent.


Seeing her careful expression, his hand movements also softened.

He lightly crept up to her bedside and softly called out to her.

“Mommy, youre awake!”


“When did you wake up” He had just stepped out to get hot water and buy bread and snacks from the convenience store below the hospital for a bit.


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