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His thin lips curled slightly.

Knowing that this was acting did not stop his heart from aching.

“Lets go.”

Just as he turned his back on this, two crisp and loud slaps reached his ears.



He froze in his tracks.

His shoulders pulled taut and cold as he swiveled around, just in time to catch sight of the actress slapping his woman.

Her body swayed with that slap across her cheek.

Her hair piteously scattered all over her face.

The man pursed his thin lips as a gust of chilling wind gushed from within him.

Min Yu gave a slight gasp as he witnessed this scene as well.

Yun Shishi vividly felt her ear break from the impact of the lightning assault.

Accompanying that was a sharp sting at her one eye and in her eardrum, and in the next moment, all sounds around her were lost.

She could not hear anything after that.

Yan Bingqing was unaware of her unusually pale face.

As such, with a stomp of her feet, she turned to shout, “Director Lin, what should I do!”

The directors temper had reached its tipping point by then.

He hollered impatiently in return, “D*mn it! What happened to you again Get lost if you cant get it right this time.

Youre not going to act anymore after this!”

The woman acted piteously and innocently.

“You look at Yun Shishi; shes so distracted that I cant get my lines right! Shes obviously being uncooperative!”

Mu Xi watched in horror at the side, fearful that her charge would collapse at any moment.

In retrospect, she was hoping for that to happen.

That would spare her artiste from further harm, after all!

This Yan Bingqing was blaming her charge outright for not cooperating, but who could withstand such harsh harassment in the first place

The director reined in his anger and turned to Yun Shishi, only to be shocked by what he saw.

Everyone looked in the direction of the leading lady…

She was struggling to keep herself standing as she laboriously lifted her head and pried open her swollen eye.

A horrifying pool of blood had accumulated at the corner of her left eye!

Cold beads of bitter and briny sweat trickled down her cheeks and seeped into her lip cracks.

Everything seemed to be shaking and falling apart around her.

Her body quivered along with her feet, which she could hardly keep upright.

Darkness clouded her sight, and soon after, the sky spun dizzyingly around her.

Her body swerved one more time.

She did not look well obviously.

Instead, she looked like she would faint any time soon.

He stood up abruptly from behind the monitor.

Her co-actress saw blood coagulating at the side of her eye and laughed coyly.

“Oh, dear.

Shishi, was I too harsh Im so sorry, but you cant really blame me here.”

Without warning, she stared down at the poor girl and whispered viciously, “Your face irritates me; thats why!”

In her last thread of consciousness, she caught her merciless and mocking snippet.

Her blood seemed to freeze from circulating.

Her strong will gradually ebbed away as her mind turned hazy.

Her body shook, and finally, her feet could no longer bear her weight.

Her taut and tense nerves snapped, and her body toppled backward!



All of a sudden, most of the people present surged forward while calling her name.

Gu Xingze could bear it no longer.

The moment he saw her fall, he moved to rush to her.

However, before he could take a few more steps forward, a terrifying force pushed him aside!


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