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In the end, because of this, the director nearly kicked her out, and she almost lost her job as a makeup artist.

How unjust she felt then

In this regard, Yun Shishi was different.

Her features were truly exceptionally beautiful.

Every makeup look she applied on her based on her characters personality, the latter was able to pull off without a decrease in her beauty.


Moreover, she, unlike Yan Bingqing, had never rushed, harassed, or humiliated her.

Not only was her temper good, she also had respect for others.

This makeup artist was extremely thankful for that.

When Yun Shishi had no fame to her name yet, no one in the production team treated her seriously; even the extras paid no attention to her.

Once she started getting popular, she remained humble and mild-tempered, nor did she start strutting around like a big shot.

Just like before, she was punctual to the filming, she followed every arrangement of the staff, and she was calm and graceful.

In fact, even when the extra previously offended her, she did not take it to heart.

If it were Yan Bingqing, she would certainly remember to avenge a past grievance.

She was a special person, indeed.

Gradually, everyone started genuinely liking her.

As the three people happily chatted in this precious leisure time, they were suddenly interrupted by the sound of footsteps from outside.

The forceful clacking of high heels against the marble floor preceded Yan Bingqings arrival.

The actress pushed open the door and coldly stepped into the dressing room.

Mu Xi looked in the direction of the door, and the smile on her face froze at the sight of her.

Seeing the actresss return to the production team, the smile on the makeup artists face gradually cooled off as well.

Only Yun Shishi remained unperturbed and did not even spare the actress a glance.

She continued to look at her reflection in the mirror, as if the actresss arrival had got nothing to do with her.

The actress scanned the crowd, her gaze finally landing onto the trembling assistant.

Ever since that incident, the assistant had developed a trauma toward the actress.

She was afraid of this woman from the bottom of her heart.

Hence, upon seeing her, she shrank into the corner.

Eventually, Yun Shishi deigned to give the actress a sidelong glance, but when she caught sight of her assistants feeble and distraught appearance, as if she had seen a ghost, she could not help but smile helplessly.

She was about to speak, but the actresss frigid voice beat her to the punch.

“Yo, what a coincidence! You guys are around, too”

The assistant bowed her head and reflexively hid at her artistes side, not saying a word.

She reached out and covered her assistants hand, which was on her shoulder, reassuringly.

Seeing the assistant quake in fear of her, Yan Bingqings bright red lips parted as she laughed.

“What a loyal dog; the relationship between the master and servant is quite close!”

Mu Xi remained mum as she shook in fear.

The actress coldly asked, “Hey.

Is your hand better”

“Ding Ning, why did you stop” Yun Shishi turned a deaf ear to the actresss question.

Seeing that the makeup artist had stopped moving at one side, she kindly prompted her.

The makeup artist smiled and replied immediately, “I got a little sidetracked thinking of what lip color should I match your current makeup; what do you think of peach pink”

“Do as you deem fit; I trust your judgment.” She smiled slightly.

Her indifference was akin to perceiving the actress as nothing but air – virtually non-existent.

A sullen expression crept into the actresss face.

How capable this Yun Shishi was!

Every word she spoke did not hurt her, whereas the latter could easily get a rise out of her!

She harshly announced, “Yun Shishi, get lost from here.

This makeup room is now mine, and no part of it can be used by you!”

Mu Xi raised her head to defend her artiste, but Yun Shishi tightly held her hand to stop her.

Her voice immediately halted.

She clenched her teeth as she reined in her anger.


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