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She casually replied, “If its just for my convenience, then theres no need to trouble ourselves.”

“Why not” her assistant questioned.

“Every time that you urgently need to put on makeup, you are clearly the first to appear, but why is it that you are the last to receive assistance Im really furious on your behalf!”

She only explained, “Xiao Mu, if I engage a personal stylist, the others will think that, as a newbie, I am acting like a big shot, and in that way, they will have more opinions about me.”

She did not want to stir up unnecessary trouble.

Her assistant was stumped for words and could only abide by her will.

“I may not care about other peoples opinions, but Im afraid of trouble, so lets not stir up trouble.

Besides, this is really no big deal.”

It had been quite some time since Yun Shishi joined the production team.

With the exposure of her behind-the-scenes shots on the official Weibo fanpage ofThe Green Apple, it garnered her a huge following; the number of her Weibo fans had broken through the five-million mark now.

While these five-million fans might not be worth mentioning to some first-tier stars, and it was a normal occurrence for the new to replace the old in the entertainment industry, it was still rare for a newbie to receive much positive attention immediately after her debut.

Such a feat could be said to be a surprise, as well as a confirmation of Lin Fengtians prior words.

As long as she could seize an opportunity, Yun Shishi would definitely shoot to fame!

Right now, she was a hot topic, and her popularity was on a steady climb.

In the production crew, each member had a change in attitude toward her.

No one dared to slight her anymore.

At least, in terms of details, she felt that she was slowly gaining the production teams recognition.

Ding Ning also paid attention to her now.

“Shishi, you are truly a beauty and have a face that is loved by the camera.” The makeup stylist was currently applying eyeshadow on her.

Looking at her clients reflection in the mirror, she could not help marveling at Yun Shishis bewitching eyes.

She burst into laughter at that.

“Thats because you have good skills.”

“You flatter me!” The makeup artist laughed.

She kept the eyeshadow brush into her cosmetics kit, retrieved a box of lip gloss, and mixed the colors on a makeup palette before she said apologetically, “Shishi, your temper is really good! Applying makeup for you makes me feel the fascinating part of my job.”

From her first meeting with this artiste, she had already been sincerely fond of her.

She thought that this newbie was humble, polite, and gentle.

She had never once seen her make things difficult for any of the staff in the production team and, in fact, had always been very cooperative with others.

She was acknowledged in this industry as a topnotch stylist; hence, she was often in close association with first-tier stars.

Used to waiting on big shot artists like Yan Bingqing and Han Yuyan, working with this newbie was truly a breeze.

Yan Bingqing belonged to the obstinate type of celebrity.

She was opinionated and often ordered her stylist to give her the type of makeup she preferred.

Take the previous makeup shot as an example; logically speaking, her role was a charming and beautiful rebellious high school student, but the actress insisted on Ding Ning giving her a pure makeup look.

She even specified that she wanted her makeup to look the same as Yun Shishis.

She only wanted to compete with the latter.

Naturally, Ding Ning had reservations regarding her order as the pure makeup look was inappropriate for the actresss given role this time.

She kindly advised her otherwise but ended up being humiliated by the latter, instead.

She had no choice but to follow her will, and as a corollary, when the actress took the trial makeup shot, she was harshly scolded by the director.

In order to shift the blame, the actress splashed a basin of dirty water on her and said that it was due to her lousy makeup skills.


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