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Separated by the blankets, Little Yichen opened his arms and hugged his brother with much care.

Feeling his closeness under the covers, Youyous face turned redder.

His older brothers hug made him feel so nervous he did not know where to place his arms!

Following this was a long, stifling silence.

After an unknown amount of time had passed, a box was squeezed in from one of the corners of the blankets.

The content of the box was unknown.

Only his twins cheerful and reassuring voice was heard.

“Na! This is your older brothers gift for you!”

He had specially prepared this for his younger twin before coming over.

A present for his little brother!

The boy retreating footsteps were heard outside the covers.

Immediately after, the sound of the door softly closing was heard.

Youyou popped his head out of his blankets.

He took out the box that his older brother had stuffed under his covers.

Under the light, he could see that it was a beautifully wrapped gift.

Was this a present

That guy was rather diligent!

It seemed that he was not as annoying as he had imagined.

His eyes turned into crescent moons as a smile unknowingly decorated his lips.

As he held the gift in his palm, he was still unaware that his lips started lifting at the corner from the pleasure and contentment he was feeling.

Little Yichen sat in the passenger seat of the car on the way home after dinner.

In a great mood, the corners of his lips remained arched upward throughout the ride.

Mu Yazhe glanced at his son from his periphery and could not help but ask, “What present did you give your little brother”

“Its a secret! I will never tell, daddy.” The boy made a face at him as he continued to withhold the nature of his gift.

Thereafter, he bashfully said, “Little brother will definitely like my gift!”

“It appears that your little brother doesnt like you, though,” teased his father.

“My little brother will definitely like me! Definitely!” He solemnly made this vow as he leaned on the window ledge, gazing up at the bright moon hanging in the sky.

Later that night, just before turning off the lights, Yun Shishi walked into the bedroom, only to see Youyou still resting against the headboard.

He was fiddling with the delicate gift in his hands.

The present was still beautifully wrapped.

Even if his heart refused to admit it, in actual fact, he could not bear to tear open his gift!

She approached his bed.

The boy quickly regained his senses and hid the gift under his pillow.

He looked up at her with wariness.

“Is it a gift from your older brother” she asked.

“Yup!” He licked his lips lightly and sheepishly gave an excuse for his behavior.

“I dislike it a lot, but I find it rather amusing.”

“Mommy is rather curious about what he gave you!” She deliberately tested him.

“Why dont we open it up and have a look”

“No!” He stared at her guardedly.

“The wrapping is kind of interesting!”

What a stubborn little boy!

The fact was that he could not bear to unwrap it!

She pursed her lips into a smile instead of exposing his thoughts.

This child was indeed a little petulant.

One could tell that he actually really liked the gift.

The feelings of nervousness, anticipation, and curiosity were clearly written all over his face.

However, his character could be awkward at times, and he was not always that great at expressing himself.

She caressed his delicate face lovingly.

Pinching his chubby cheeks, she pursed her lips and said, “Mommy loves Youyou.

The spot Youyou has in mommys heart can never be replaced by anyone!”

He embraced her and planted a sweet kiss on her cheek.

“Youyou loves mommy, too! Mommys place in Youyous heart is irreplaceable!”

“Sleep early.” She stroked his hair before she gave him a kiss on his forehead.

“You have to get up early tomorrow.”


As she was leaving the bedroom, the smile on her face gradually faded away.

This child clearly still harbored some resistance in his heart.

Currently, she was at her wits end!


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