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Yan Bingqing stood up slowly as she said that and projected herself with all the elegance and allure that she could muster, acting as if she were the high and mighty queen of the world.

She walked to Yun Shishi and sized her up with condescension, apparently disdainful of her confrontation.

“Oh, are you Virgin Mary Actually confronting me because of an assistant, what does it matter if I did that” Her eyes gleamed sinisterly.

“I did it on purpose, and so what”

There was silent provocation on her face. I did that to your assistant, so what can you do about it

Yun Shishis eyes narrowed, a hint of controlled anger rose from within.

She was obviously this actresss target.

Was that why she did this to her assistant!

Why was her heart so vicious

At the back, seeing the challenge in the actresss eyes and the constant forbearance that was about to explode in her artistes eyes, Mu Xi feared that the matter would blow up.

Incessantly tugging on her hand, she whispered, “Lets go! Lets go…”

She did not want to cause trouble.

Yan Bingqing caught sight of the assistants nervous look and could not help but laugh.

“Look; your assistant wants you to take your leave quickly! Even she knows not to offend me.

Only you dont understand who youre dealing with.”

At this, Yun Shishi raised a brow with mockery in her eyes.

“Yun Shishi, heres a piece of advice: dont let Director Lins doting go to your head! What of you being the main lead and what of you being very popular now Im telling you this; on set, youre a junior and Im a senior! Ill have to trouble you not to give attitude the whole day and act all high and mighty.

Its irking my eyes—”

As Yan Bingqing, seemingly unmindful of the others presence, spoke without restraint, Yun Shishis mocking laughter cut in.

The former froze at her laughter, and the latter proceeded to mock her.

“I heard that you had entered the entertainment industry with only a high school diploma.”

“What do you mean” Yan Bingqing was stunned.

People mocked her for two things: lack of culture and low education.

This had always made her uncomfortable, like a fish bone stuck in her throat.

While her public image was a degree-holder actress, insiders knew that her diploma was forged.

Many ridiculed her for being the cliché big-breasted female with no brains.

She really had no knack for studying.

Yun Shishi smiled and continued.

“While academic attainment shouldnt be used for criticism as there are some people with low education that are still very cultured, in your case, from what I saw today, you really should study more.

With your current IQ and EQ level, its really tiring to communicate with you.”


The artiste smiled faintly.

“Its scary to be uncultured!”

Her words hit the actresss sore spot.

Her face suddenly changed from anger.

Unmindful of actresss anger, she continued with her verbal attacks.

“Is this because I dont worship you like everyone else”

Yan Bingqing kept mum for a while in her anger.

She was truly incensed now.

“Yun Shishi, how dare you—”

“Hey, Yan Bingqing, are you sick” The other interrupted her impatiently.


With unrestrained viciousness in her eyes, Yun Shishi bluntly stated, “I think youre sick; its a severe condition of princess disease!”


The actress was violently stunned.

This b*tch dared to say that I have a princess disease!

At the back, Mu Xi was shocked.

Never would she have thought that this gentle and elegant Yun Shishi, once angered, could speak words laced with poison.

It was too poisonous.


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