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It was getting late into the night.

Mu Yazhe brought Yun Shishi back home.

She had barely recovered from the earlier indulgence and pleasant experience on their way there.

Before this, he led her into a helicopter, and they flew around the island once.

This was her first time in a helicopter, and it was truly novel and interesting.

From a vantage point in the air, she overlooked Huxin Island this night.

The entire island was decorated with star lights.

Colorful specks of light were reflected on the lake surface, dying it in a beautiful hue.

At a glance, the landscape of the island was absolutely breathtaking.

Although she was feeling rather nervous riding a helicopter for the first time, when she looked down to the island, she was completely subdued by its natural beauty.

It was no wonder having a date with their other halves in Bali Restaurant was said to be a dream come true for most girls.

Every detail was so romantic she seemed to have stepped into a world of fantasy.

As the night breeze swept by, Huxin Island appeared to be enclosed within a sea of stars.

The surprise did not stop there like she had imagined.

When she stepped out of the helicopter, she was instantly surrounded by fireworks, and more than 10,000 roses carpeted the floor.

She could not help but fall into an illusion of being in a bed of flowers.

In the past, when she was still a student, she often spotted the act of gifting roses between couples.

Man gifted the woman one stalk, two stalks, and even a car of roses — delivered to delight her.

Back then, she thought that it was tacky for a man to give a woman roses and vice versa!

Was there not another way to convey feelings

However, looking at this carpet of roses, which was akin to tapestries, accompanied by dazzling fireworks, which cast a dreamy spread of colors, she was so surprised her breath was taken away!

She did not know that a sea of roses could be this beautiful.

It was so beautiful that she could not recover from the surprise for a long time.

Tonights date had fulfilled all the expectations she had for a date.

The man glanced at her in the passenger seat from his periphery.

He could not help but break into a smile as he saw her hover her hand over her heart and stare into space.

“What are you thinking about”

“Mu Yazhe, do you know I previously thought that it is tasteless to gift roses.” She turned to look at him with shocked eyes.

“But I finally understand why girls like roses tonight.”

This was not just any surprise or emotion.

This was a tear-jerking emotion.

An emotion that made her feel loved.

Girls did desire for romance in their bones.

Even he thought that gifting roses to women was something very tasteless in the past.

However, since this was something she liked, he did not mind doing it at all!

He was initially planning on staying by her side for a night, yet she insisted on heading home to accompany Youyou.

Earlier, when she informed her son that she was required to shoot some scenes and could not make it home for a few more nights, her heart ached when at the disappointed expression he put.

As such, she wanted to hurry home to be with him.

The vehicle halted at the entrance to the villa.

She hopped out of the vehicle and was astonished to see the lights in the study room still on.

She lifted her wrist to check the time intuitively.

It was already one in the morning.

What exactly was that child doing Why was he still awake

The man stepped out of the car and was rather surprised to see the lights on as well.

They stared at each other in consternation.

Inside the study room.

Yun Tianyou sat before his laptop with tightly knitted brows and a stern face.

His fingers occasionally flew across the keyboard as he punched several keys to enter a string of commands on the application window.

Rows of code directives progressively appeared on a black interface.

He stared at it raptly sans an expression.

His attention was completely drawn to it that he did not hear the door to the study room opening despite his acute senses.


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