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She was deeply moved by his words.

“Mu Yazhe, were you trying to protect me when you didnt bring me back to the Mu family”

“Er Why do you ask this”

“Its an intuitive guess!”

She continued smilingly.

“I have a feeling that the Mu family is like the tigers den! There is no warmth in there, and the family that I want isnt like that.”

“I wont let you step into a terrifying place such as the Mu household!” He stroked her fair and flawless face and could not help giving a peck on her eyelashes.

“Ill protect you and Youyou well.”

Song Enya was sent to the hospital by her friend.

The doctor treated her open wound, which scab had formed by then, and applied the antiseptic medication before bandaging it finally.

This was not considered as a serious injury by most people.

However, for Song Enya who had never been hurt before, she deemed this to be the most serious.

Along the way to the hospital, her heart was in pain from Yun Shishis punishing words.

Jiang Qimeng and Song Yunxi saw her return home and wanted to call out to her for some desserts when they noticed her depressed look and limping gait.

Both looked at each other in great alarm.

Her mother was especially heartbroken and quickly went up to her.

“Enya, what happened to you”

Her brother also anxiously came over to have a look, hugging her shoulders at the same time.

The woman remained quiet.

He looked down and swept his gaze over her sorry state with a bandaged knee and varying degrees of abrasions all over her body.

“Enya, what actually happened to you” he enquired anxiously.

“Why are you covered in bruises”

“Wu… wuu… wuuu… brother!” Her nose turned red.

Unable to contain her depression anymore, she plunged headlong into her brothers arms.

“Enya, what happened to you Why do you look like this Actually, you can speak about it to mother!” her mother quipped anxiously at the side.

Curled up inside her brothers arms, the woman bawled her eyes out without speaking.

He was heartbroken and helpless when it came to his precious sister this time!

Song Enya was the apple of her familys eye and their proud princess.

Without a clue on what to do next, Jiang Qimeng could only watch with heart-wrenching pain the sad and sorry state of her as the latter cried her heart out in her brothers arms.

This daughter of hers used to stick to her when she was much younger, but for some reason, she began to distance herself from her when she hit puberty.

She hardly confided to her about her personal life anymore.

Some things were inconvenient to speak to her mother now that she was all grown up, after all.

Song Enya, thus, started to hide things from her mother.

In contrast, she was very close to her brother and would tell him everything.

After all, he, who was the oldest among the three siblings, really doted on his two younger sisters.

She trusted and depended on him very much.

Knowing that, their mother signaled him with her eyes, which the latter quickly caught on.

He lowered his head and urged his sister.

“Enya, tell me what happened, and your brother here will help you, all right”

The woman slowly nodded and chokingly divulged, “Brother… my heart is so painful that I can hardly breath…”

Every provocative word of Yun Shishi rang ceaselessly in her head.

‘Im different from you, though.

I am with him and even have a child with him.

What about you


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