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It was so beautiful.

The pupils in her phoenix eyes shone brightly and seemed to contain laughter.

Apparently, she dearly loved this pendant and could not bear to part with it.

Her eyes did not hide her fondness for the pendant.

Seeing her fondness for his gift placed him in a festive mood.

Min Yus ideas were not that bad, after all.

He placed a hand around her body and bowed his head to kiss her brow gently.

She gave him a shy smile as her fair face blushed profusely.

It was clear that she felt bashful, the dimples on her cheeks showcasing her silly innocence.

Her dimples were cute and made her smile look sweet.

Unable to help himself, he landed a peck on each of her dimples.

He was infatuated with them and, even more so, loved this innocent look of hers.

Beautiful and alluring.

Charming and enchanting.

It was obvious how innocent and pure she looked, but from within, just like a charm, she exuded a womans most primitive allure.

He suspected that this woman had wreaked havoc in her past life.

In ancient times, she was probably a coquettish concubine of an enamored emperor.

Looking at this silly innocence of hers, his Adams apple bobbed as his lower abdomen tensed up anew.

He just could not have enough of her.

This woman had no idea that the man beside her was feeling hot and bothered all over again.

She also did not know that he loved her so much he fought hard to suppress his desires.

She looked up abruptly and smiled with her eyes.

After some deliberation, she carefully opened up, “Mu Yazhe, I want to ask you a question.”


He suddenly voiced out a word, which made her confused.

She did not exactly quite understand what he meant by that word!

Looking at her clueless face, he raised his hand to stroke her nose and laughed.

“Little fool, you dont need to call my name.”

His words clarified to her his intention.

Blushing, she tested it out.

“… Zhe”

Her voice was light and soft.

She uttered only one word, yet his entire being nearly melted.

It was a simple syllable yet completely lethal.

An electric current seemed to spread all over his body.

Her calling him by this nickname implied that she was his most intimate person.

She was the first.

Her voice was soft, crisp, and immensely enjoyable.

He liked how she called him that!

Hence, he lightly planted a kiss on her lips and requested, “Repeat it.”

She closed her mouth, obviously feeling a little shy.

“Repeat it.”


“Make your voice softer a little.”


He was satisfied and rewarded her with a kiss on the lips again.

The tip of his tongue wandered around the shape of her lips.

She protested coquettishly by pushing him away.


Why are you doing this”

“Why not”

“… I have a question to ask you.”

“We can talk later.”

He had no intention to care for other things.

He only wanted to indulge in her beauty and tenderness until he was satisfied.

She saw how he was acting unrestrained again and reached out to block his lips.

“Can I see Little Yichen in the future” she mumbled, nerves and pleas written clearly on her face.

She was very fond of the boy.

At the same time, she was very sorry for him.

The last time she saw the child was at the amusement park.

Despite the mother-son pair being apart for seven years and only meeting once, she felt very close to him.


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