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Seemingly losing her soul for a moment, she stared blankly ahead like a lifeless puppet.

She resisted his invasive lips and gave her a vacant look as she squeezed out these words between teeth, “Mu Yazhe, do you love me”

His body stiffened momentarily as his handsome face froze.

She persisted in her questioning.

“Do you love me I want to know if you are taking me as your love toy or your lover.”




“Say something; is this question difficult for you to answer” Her gaze locked penetratingly on his dark orbs.

In the next second, he closed in on her and forcefully sealed her mouth with his again.

He plastered her lips with his and looked deeply into her eyes.

From his throat, there came a hoarse utterance.


Her eyes flashed a second of surprise, and then she stood rooted to the spot.

She thought that he would remain silent until the end.

Hearing that word come out of his mouth was beyond her wildest imagination.


He slowly repeated the word.

Licking away with his tongue the bloody stain on her lip flap, he plodded.

“Ill give you that piece of paper you want!”

If this was what she wanted, then he would give her just that!

“…” She was thoroughly floored.

“Ill give you the legitimate love you want!”


She was stunned by his tyrannical declaration.

Such a proud man conceding to her in this way was indeed unbelievable.

Truthfully, he was an extremely stubborn man.

Stubborn and tyrannical.

When he set his eyes on something, he would not give up no matter how others tried to dissuade him.

In the same way, no other ladies could replace the woman he set his sights on.

He could satisfy her every desire except leaving his side.

He would never allow that.

He lifted his penetrating gaze and zoomed it on her face warmly and tenderly; his brows had relaxed slightly by now.

“I can give all you want except for leaving me! Other than that, I can give you everything!”

She was dumbstruck.

He pressed close to feel her warm, moist lips as clear and distinct words tumbled from his.

“You want my entire being, so Ill give to only you!”


“I promise you; I wont touch any other woman.

You are the only one.”


“I only want you.”

Can she understand

His confession seemed rather awkward.

There was none of those flowery languages or everlasting vows like other men.

His every word was so blunt and insistent; in a serious tone, he told all that to her without preamble.

“Yun Shishi, I only want you.”

“Mu Yazhe…”

“If you like, I can give you my whole world.”

In fact, he would give her that sans a reservation.

Except for leaving me, I can give you everything!

“Now, can I kiss you”

He asked in his hoarse voice.

He wanted her.

He really wanted her like crazy.

This woman was like a spell cast on him.

Now, he was entrapped with no way out except through her.

She sipped her lips as her heart received a thorough shocked via his confession.

Slowly, she extended her jade-like arms across his waist.

It was like an invitation to him.

She felt his slender fingertips gently raise her chin up.

His perfect face inched closer intimately.

Lowering his head, he gently covered her mouth with his thin, moist lips.

His fresh breath lingered between his teeth; the refreshing aroma that was uniquely his surrounded and mesmerized her.


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