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“Why Are you resorting to violence now since you cant win the argument What an ill-mannered missy.”

With that, she jerked off her hand.

Song Enya, who was caught off guard, lost her balance from her pull and fell to the ground.

“Heh… Interesting.

Youre Mu Yazhes niece, right”

She walked toward her casually.

Looking down at the woman on the ground, she sarcastically

remarked, “Oh, my.

Look at the jealous look you have on your face now.

Dont tell me that you like Mu Yazhe, no”

Her offhand comment reeked of thinly disguised sarcasm.

Song Enyas face turned white with alarm at her direct question.

Unlike men, women could read one another well.

He might be unable to tell, but she was not equally as blind.

His niece was obviously in love with him.

Her strong and sweet adoration could not be concealed.

She could tell this with one look.

This was even more when there was now panic and shame on the womans face.

She really did hit the nail on the head, huh.

Shaking her head, she sighed wistfully.

“So this is the real story.

You are in love with your uncle!”

“Its none of your business!”

The other woman craned her neck and retorted sharply.

With the mans niece on the ground while Yun Shishi bore down on her, the former was robbed of her earlier dominance.

The woman hastily tried to stand up but she reached her leg forward and aimed her fine tapering stiletto on her hand.

His niece screamed and retracted her hand; her ashen face winced in pain.

“You are so pathetic.”

Yun Shishi continued mocking the other with a face devoid of feeling.

“He is your uncle and you are his niece.

This is incest! What a shock!”

“You!” The latters face sank all of a sudden upon hearing that.

“Look; you fall in love with a man, but this man turns out to be your uncle.

Its impossible for you to be with him in this lifetime.

Isnt that pathetic”

She then added nonchalantly.

“Im different from you, though.

I am with him and even have a child with him.”

Wide-eyed, Song Enya stared at her unbelievably when she heard that.

Looking at her pale-looking face, Yun Shishi regained her confidence as she admired the infliction she had caused and then went on casually.

“What about you”

What about you

They were uncle and niece.

As close relations, being together would be incestuous!

Song Enya was stunned momentarily.

She stared blankly at her face before she suddenly reacted.

Yun Shishis eyes and brows, as well as the shape of her lips, were so alike with Little Yichen.

To be exact, Little Yichens eyes and brows inherited her softness and beauty.

She did not pay heed to these details initially, so they escaped her notice.

This realization shocked her beyond words.

Dont tell me…

Little Yichen is her and Mu Yazhes… child

This cognition was too big a blow for her, almost sending her into the fiery pits of hell.

“Who is the one having wistful thinking and daydreaming here Do you think that, without me, you can be with the man you love”

She let out a jeer that seemed to speak of the others naivety.

“Now, that is truly ridiculous!”

“Shut up… Shut up.

You keep your mouth shut!” Song Enya went into hysterics, covering her ears to block out the sarcastic words.

Covering her smile with her palm, Yun Shishi kept to her elegant demeanor and lady etiquette, unlike her opponent who had lost control of herself.

She told her neutrally, “Do you know what Mu Yazhe told me about you”


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