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Song Enyas temperament was volatile.

She was just about to explode when she caught sight of the persons face as the latter lifted her head.

It was Yun Shishi! After the shock, doubts surfaced on her face.

Undoubtedly, she recognized this woman with a glance.

That day, Mu Yazhes phone call display was of this womans sleeping face.

Her stunning beauty was all natural, unlike those actresses that had gone under the knife.

Either her appearance or her disposition was very distinctive.

Despite seeing that photo of her just once, she could still not forget about it.

The only difference was that the woman before her wore an elegant black dress on her body and light sophisticated makeup on her face.

Her face was a bit more distinctive than the one in the picture.

She was much more fetching in real life.

It was a fact that she did not want to admit to herself.

It was no wonder that Brother Mu seemed to be very fond of this woman.

This was the type of woman that men preferred.

An elegant appearance and a clean and refined disposition.

Even if she were a man, she would be just as mesmerizing.

Why would she appear here, though

Yun Shishi stared at Song Enya with shock and started to hold suspicion.

Naturally, she did not know that the latter had seen a photo of her on the mans phone before.

She just thought that the latter was mad about the bumping incident, so she hurriedly returned the phone to her.

“Im sorry; its an accident.

Please check if the phone is damaged.”

Song Enya retrieved the phone from her and inspected it.

The phone did not seem to have suffered any damage from the fall.

Since there was no damage on it, she turned around to leave.

The woman called out to her.

“Yun Shishi!”

She shouted her name.

Yun Shishi was startled and turned around confusedly.

How did she know my name

They had not officially met yet!

“I didnt get the wrong person, did I” Song Enya lifted her chin haughtily and strode toward her domineeringly.

“Thats your name, right”

She had the habit of scrolling through Weibo, and on one particular day,The Green Apple production team posted a set of makeup photos, which topped the search rank in no time.

Only when she clicked it and saw Yun Shishi did she learn of her name.

Yun Shishi…

She recalled that the villa estate the Mu family had developed was namedYun Shan Shi Yi…

Was it just a coincidence, or did Brother Mu specially name it after this woman

Song Enya then followed the Weibo page ofThe Green Apple.

Ever since the production started, Yun Shishis behind the scenes footage had the highest number of views.

It was obvious that this woman was not ordinary.


My name is Yun Shishi.

You are…”

She looked at her and politely asked for her name.

“You dont deserve to know my name!” Song Enya crossed her arms around her chest and presented herself with extreme arrogance.

The polite smile vacated Yun Shishis face in an instant.

What a haughty woman.

She curled up her lips lightly.

“Thats fine; Im not interested, anyway.”

As if she was really curious in the first place.

She could not be bothered to stoop to her level.

Song Enya choked upon hearing her words.


“Is there anything else” She plastered a graceful smile on her lips.

“If theres none, Ill take my leave now.”

“Stop right there!”

Seeing that she was truly about to leave, Song Enya grinded her teeth and stomped her feet in anger.

She chased after Yun Shishi and clasped her on the shoulder.

As Yun Shishis dress was off shoulders, Song Enyas freshly manicured nails, which were extremely sharp, and not to mention, the latter had used a lot of strength in her grip, she left deep marks on her shoulder in no time.


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