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“Is that so” Mu Yazhe mumbled, doubtful.

His subordinate dared not guarantee anything.

“Oh, well… Its hard to read the minds of women; I dont know much, too.”

He asked, “Marriage is just a piece of paper; why do women see it as a form of security”

He really could not fathom how a womans mind worked.

He was really puzzled by all this.

“Isnt it still possible to divorce after marriage”

Carefully considering it, Min Yu shared his opinion.

“I dont think its just about having a sense of security for a woman.

Rather, I think its the desire of a woman for a mans love toward her to be legitimate.”

The man lightly rubbed his forefinger against his thumb.

Thousands of thoughts flashed across his mind, yet he did not voice aloud any of them.

“Boss, dont you know how to appease a woman” His assistant slyly blinked at him.

“Shall I teach you a method”

“Go on.”

His assistant quickly went over and whispered into his ear for a while.

Upon hearing the method, he looked at him with doubt.

“Does it really work”

“Of course, it does! Women like romance.”

He regarded him with pursed lips.

“You shall make arrangements!”

“All right!”

Yun Shan Shi Yi Estate.

Yun Shishi locked herself in the bedroom for the whole day.

She wanted to go home, but when she approached the door, she was stopped by a servant.

This picturesque and scenic villa, a treasured piece of feng shui land in the suburbs, was away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Past the gate, one would see the sprawling, faraway hilly road, which meandered for thousands of miles.

Because it was a private estate, there was basically no public transport available.

If she stubbornly insisted on leaving, she would have to walk all the way down the mountain to catch the first cab.

She suffered from pent-up frustrations.

Mu Yazhe!

What did that man mean by leaving her alone in this villa and disappearing by himself What was he up to

In the afternoon, Youyou called to ask if her filming went well.

Naturally, she kept silent about her not being with the production team anymore.

She originally had a schedule today, but after the fiasco involving that domineering man last night, who knew what the production team thought of her now

What the production director thought of her…

She tried to muster up the courage to call Lin Fengtian to apologize.

Due to her personal matter, the entire filming schedule was delayed, and she felt very guilty about it.

This was especially after Mu Yazhe had violently pushed him to the ground.

He probably got hurt.

What about Gu Xingze

He probably got hurt, too.

The production would probably be on hiatus because of this.

This made her feel guilty.

She resented Mu Yazhes irrationality.

In the evening, there was a knock on the bedroom door.

She covered herself with the comforter and ignored the knock.

A series of knocks came from outside the door for a bit before the butlers polite voice was heard.

“Miss Yun, are you asleep”

“Yes, I am!” she answered with vexation.

It was yet again silent at the door.

Following this, the light clinking of keys sounded.

She sat bolt upright in bed at that, slipped on her slippers, and walked to the just unlocked door.

She grumbled, “Didnt I say that Im asleep”

“… Miss Yun, dont you want to go home” the stunned butler asked with some trepidation.


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