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Chapter 63: She’s worth two hundred million

November 30, 2016Ai Hrist

“Two hundred million.” A large price escapes from her mouth.

Mu Yazhe just smiled and didn’t laugh.

Even if he is the president of Emperor Sheng Foundation, he only spent an extravagant amount of money depends on the value.

“Two hundred million, you think you’re worth it”

“You ask me how much I want, right You also ask me if I want a villa, small houses or a luxurious car.

I just want you to give me two hundred million, but you can’t already afford it!”

Yun Shishi smiled, she picks up the cheque and tore it in front of him:”You’re too arrogant!”

Mu Yazhe’s face darken, and the atmosphere becomes colder.

Yun Shishi doesn’t know where did she get the courage to reprimand him.

And all of a sudden, she grabs his chin.

Mu Yazhe’s facial features are extremely handsome, she looked straight at him, and coldly said:

“Men are really cheap, ah! They only think that by spending money they will get any woman they want.

But Mr.

President, don’t you know, that’s not always true!”

“Then your heart, how much is it” Mu Yazhe suddenly think that this woman is really interesting and asked:”Two hundred million”

Yun Shishi’s heart got colder and colder.

She dumped the torn pieces of cheque on his face.

“No one has the right to put the price tag on me.

If you want me … …”Yun Shishi paused for a moment, she stretched out her fingertip and fiercely struck it his heart, “at least, try to use this!”

But then, Mu Yazhe got frightened when Yun Shishi abruptly pushed him and unlock the car door, she opens it fast and jumped out of the car!

Fortunately, the car happens to be running with not much speed.

Yun Shishi fell on the ground, but she stands up fast, clutches her wounded elbow and runs away.

Her white dress is fluttering like flying white butterflies, and she looks so beautiful.

The car screechingly halts.

Secretary Li Lan who’s driving the car got stunned and shocked when Yun Shishi actually jump out of the car!

In the capital, you wouldn’t be able to count how many women would want to spend a time with President Mu Yazhe every day.

Those women have always been flattering and welcoming him.

However, the president has always been cold, he never let a woman enter his heart.

And if ever he will let someone enter his heart, Secretary Li Lan is afraid that her heart might jump out from her throat.

Emperor Sheng Foundation also controls the entertainment industry.

Many new and old female artists tried to hit a scandal with the president.

And entertainment reporters invent a different version of stories out of these rumors.

But this girl refused him completely!

What is she

The president already fancy her, and she will no longer have to worry about wealth.

Is she playing hard

Secretary Li Lan saw the president has wolf-like eyes, as if the president turn into a beast, that woman can she completely escape from him!

Thinking about it, she smiled and said:”President Mu, that girl is really stubborn and she’s not the same with those other women!”

Secretary Li Lan likes her humble and a proud heart.

Mu Yazhe retreated his line of sight and no longer want to hang around: “Drive!”

The car slowly starts moving and went away.


Youyou sees Yun Shishi is not yet back at home, he takes this opportunity to go outside and he intends to change his mobile phone.

Because Yun Shishi only bought him a childish mobile phone.

At this critical moment, he wanted to use the latest technology to locate Yun Shishi’s whereabout.

He has a natural talent so he can learn everything fast.

At the age of four, he already learned how to assemble his own supercomputer.


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