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Chapter 614: IQ not on Par

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She held his hand with the intention to ingratiate herself to him.

“Grandpa, I am scared; I am really scared.

You must believe me.

If this child in my womb isnt his, then who else can it be He accused me of an affair with another man, but how could I possibly! Grandpa, please believe Wanrou; I wont do anything to betray him, you, and the Mu family!”

He nodded solemnly, clearly convinced by her argument.

“I do believe; how can my Wanrou be capable of such vileness Grandpa believes you fully!”

“He really wants to do a paternity test with me, though! Grandpa, its not that I dont want to; its just… I cant bear to lose this child because of that procedure.

After all, Im unsure if I can conceive again in this life!”

Her moving words effused sadness and agitation, and they struck a heartbreaking chord in him.

Looking at her pitiful appearance, he reassured, “Good girl! You need not worry.

As long as grandpa is around, nobody can bully you! I wont let anyone harm a descendant of the Mu family! Dont feel down.

Even if he refuses to accept the child, grandpa will definitely welcome it with open arms!”

While her heart was bursting with joy, her face was still a mask of grievous gratification.

She pounced on him and cried, “Yes! Grandpa dotes on Wanrou the most!”

Nestling in his embrace, she continuously sobbed in sorrow.

Hidden from his eyes, an incredibly flustered and frightened look contorted her face.

Song Qingling Kindergarten.

At the school gate, a teacher helped the children board the school bus one by one.

Yun Tianyou, who was standing at the school entrance, sent Li Hanlin a text message.

As he raised his head, just like how stars clustered around the moon, a group of cute lolitas flocked around him.

He was used to this, though.

His small face was slightly serious, his silky black hair was drooping around his ears, and his pretty orbs were glistening.

A little girl with stunning eyes reached out and tugged on his shirts edge in an attempt to converse with him.

A few words would do, too.

He gently turned around, a little repulsed by her touch.

The girl did not mind this even one bit.

Smiling with great satisfaction, she gazed at him fixatedly.

“Youyou, where are your parents Do you go home alone”

He stoically averted his face from her and proceeded to ignore her.

Alas, the guileless girl mistook his action for grief.

A look of pity flashed across her face, and she tugged on his sleeve even more resolutely.

“Youyou, I can accompany you!”

He expressionlessly took out his phone to check the time.

How slow!

This Mr.

Li, did his car broke down on the way here!

The girl continued chattering at his side.

He could not help feeling a dull pain in his head from it.

Unable to bear it any longer, he pivoted to face her and barked, “Dont stand next to me!”

Its really annoying!

He had already been tortured by them for an entire day; at least, spare him the headache after school!

A group of imps that could only count with their fingers.

How should he interact with them when their IQ was not up to par with his

Youyou was the dream boy in this kindergarten.

Not just the female pupils, even the teachers from the other sections often rushed to the hallway outside his classroom to look at him through the glass windows and fangirl about him.


Hes so cute! If I had such a cute child, Id be beyond happy!”

“His mother probably saved the universe in her past life for her to have such a cute child in this life.

Im so green with envy!”


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