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This woman was just a stepping stone for him to get the Mu familys inheritance.

He could be engaged to her and cared not if they got married, but for him to touch this woman…


Hence, he made up the story about her being infertile.

Everyone believed that claim in the end.

When his grandfather learned of her infertility, he was somewhat hesitant.

After all, he cared deeply about the matter of progeny.

The wedding was repeatedly postponed thereafter.

She also took the news for real and wholly believed herself to be infertile.

She did not know that she was just a pawn in his game all this time.

Moreover, he had evidence of her infidelity in his hands.

There were voice clips and camera footage that could prove just howinnocent she was.

This woman is too naïve .

It was ludicrous to play such a dirty trick on him.

Is she really this naïve to think that I cant produce other evidence of her infidelity besides doing the amniocentesis procedure

He smiled and asked, “Grandpa, if, one day, you learn that the child in her tummy isnt mine, what will you do”

The old man looked at him with a start and quickly shifted his gaze on to her.

The latter quickly shook her head innocently and whimpered piteously, “Grandpa, you must believe me! If its possible, Ill do the procedure right away! He can refuse to acknowledge the child, but he cant… slight my reputation this way!”

The old man quickly coaxed, “Wanrou, grandpa believes you! Once the fetus reaches five months, well do the paternity test.

You can reclaim your innocence then!”

“All right.

Ill produce the evidence to prove yourinnocence.” The man remained composed as he turned to walk up the stairs without any expression.

His hostile eyes and chilly tone made the woman shudder all over.

This man seemed to be more terrifying than she reckoned.

What else did he have up his sleeve that she was unaware of!

Her heart panicked with the thought of any evidence in his arsenal that he might use against her.

She was always careful not to leave any trace behind her; therefore, there should not be any piece of proof left to discredit her now!

No, he would not have caught wind of her fishy dealings.

The fleeting scorn and ridicule in his eyes told her otherwise, however.

The thought that he might have something on her stirred her agitation further.

Somehow, she had this nagging feeling that the man knew of her shading undertakings.

If that were not the case, he would not be so calm and composed.

In fact, when she announced her pregnancy, he did not look surprised at all.

He seemed to expect this eventuality.

Unless… he knew that she could get pregnant!

This possibility sent a chill down her spine!

When she was diagnosed as infertile six years ago, she had many misgivings and feelings of ambiguity.

The whole matter reeked of strangeness to her.

She did not believe fully then that she had no ability to conceive.

Unless… Did the man orchestrate this whole thing from behind the scenes!

She was overwhelmed with terror at the thought of this, and all of a sudden, her back was soaked in sweat.

The old man touched her hand and found her fingertips to be cold and clammy.

Looking up, he saw her breaking out in a cold sweat, and her eyes could not hide the immense fear she felt.

“Wanrou, dont be afraid.

With grandpa around, he wont be able to do anything to you!”


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