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As for Yun Shishi, she wanted a home.

Thus, he would give them a home.

A home for the four of them – him, her, and the twins.

Moreover, his youngest son was even more outstanding than him.

With a fortune worth hundreds of millions at such a young age, he might be uninterested in the Mu family in the first place.

His thin lips parted to impart chilling words.

“Grandpa, I think you are mistaken.”

Mu Sheng could not get what he meant.

His hawk-like eyes narrowed quizzically.

“What do you mean Where am I mistaken!”

“This woman, she will be my wife.

The woman whom I have set my eyes on will be the future young mistress of the Mu family!”


The old man flared up instantly.

Actually, more than anything else, he was bewildered by his declaration!

Having watched over his grandson as he grew up, he knew him better than anyone else.

Mu Yazhe was a fine gentleman from a young age with his strict upbringing.

Unlike those young chaps from the filthy rich who spent their time merrymaking with countless gals clinging to them, his grandson was detached and aloof toward the opposite sex.

He reckoned that his precious grandson was only toying around with that woman.

It would not last.

Once he got sick of that woman, he would quickly settle down.

He truly did not expect his grandson to come home telling him that he was serious!

In fact, the chap was so serious about making that woman his wife he even declared her to be the woman he had set his eyes on.

How unbelievable!

If that woman were from a well-fitting and wealthy family, he would accept that!

However, an actress from the entertainment industry had no place in the Mu family!

His face turned livid.

Looking coldly at his grandson, he ranted at the top of his lungs.

“Audacious! Are you not going to listen to me! I warned you that this kind of woman wont be permitted into the Mu family; have you taken my words to heart at all!”

Mu Wanrou cut in hastily.

“Grandpa, dont be angry! As you know, all women from the entertainment industry are calculative! They are cunning and can easily mesmerize a man like a vixen.

Ah Zhe 1 is just fooling around for now.

If he really wants her, she can be his second wife.

I dont mind!”

That only antagonized the old man even more.

“What do you mean by you dont mind Wanrou, I must chastise you; why are you so magnanimous! That woman will fight with you for status if she marries into our family! You are innocent as always.

I cant bear to see you engage in a mind game with another woman, you know Im in pain even if youre not!”

She smiled coyly and muttered, “Ah Zhe likes that woman, right This cant be helped.

Of course, I wish he can love me more, but feelings cant be forced.”

The young mans eyes narrowed dangerously as his gaze dropped onto her.

She was born with a sweet mouth.

Spouting words sweeter than honey, she had the old man eating out of the palm of her hand.

Expectedly, the latters temper was completely appeased by her constant cajoling.

It was no wonder Mu Sheng doted on her so much right down to the bone.

She spent considerable efforts on this old man every day.

In his old age, Mu Sheng no longer possessed a youthful vitality.

Just like other old folks, he yearned for love and companionship.


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