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Chapter 602: Youyou may be unimpressed with a mere Mu family. Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios


“This kind of woman wont be allowed into the Mu family!”

“Grandpa, dont make things difficult for him! In any case, he is never interested in me, and Im used to it by now…”

She put on a grieving face as she pretended to speak up for him even though she was gloating inwardly.


With Mu Sheng sticking up for me, what can Yun Shishi do

As long as this old man was around, Mu Yazhe would be unable to marry that woman into this household.

Regarding this man, her heart had totally given up.

His heart was never hers in the first place.

She was nothing to him.

Their engagement six years ago was a sham that he had unwillingly agreed on to please his grandfather.

He delayed the wedding time and again simply because she did not matter to him.

He had never touched her.

A man avoiding touching a woman, not even her finger, just went to show that she had no place in his heart.

It was not that she had not tried.

She did her best to arouse him.

Stripping herself bare in front of him, she only invited his disgusted look.

He did not even spare her a glance.

She was only Young Mistress Mu in name – a mere title that she carried with her.

Thus, the most important thing to her now was to make this title official by tying the knot with him as soon as possible.

What of the man not loving her

She still had her fame and fortune even though she could not capture his heart.

This did not matter to her anymore.

This was a sad thing about marrying an elite.

The thought was actually a relief to her.

The old man could not read her mind, of course.

Mistaking her lonely countenance for forbearance, his heart went out to her.

He turned to stare at the young mans face with fury and indignance.

“Yazhe, look at what Wanrou does for you despite how you treat her! Grandpa doesnt care if you are toying with that woman or not! As someone whos been through the same thing, Ill give you a piece of advice: Theres no good apple in that acting industry.

The actresses may look innocent, but all are in fact rotten to the core.

I dont care for anything except that no one should replace Wanrou as your official wife!”

The man smiled mockingly.


Mu Sheng did not catch the sarcasm that fleeted across the young mans eyes.

At Mu Wanrous cajoling, the old man had calmed down somewhat.

“If you like another woman, you can very well marry that girl as your second wife.

I have no objection if that girl comes from a respectable family, but you tell me which woman from that entertainment field is not after our fame and fortune! I will never agree to having an actress marry into this household – not even as your mistress!”

After our fame and fortune

Does Yun Shishi need to go after our fame and fortune

The man even suspected her precious son of being unimpressed with a mere Mu family; this was assuming that she married him.

That boy, at the tender age of seven, already had a toy empire under his control.

As the little lad had once told him, he was not as simple as he looked.

The Mu household might not even hold the boys interest.

Yun Tianyous arrogant demand echoed in his mind again.

‘Mu Yazhe, let me tell you this; my mommy is a treasure to me.

If you want to care for my mommy, you should be legitimate!

The boy only wanted a legitimate title for his mother; that was all.


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