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He gritted his teeth.

Unable to retract his fist in time, he sharply veered its force to the side!

The punch barely brushed past Gu Xingzes ear and landed on the blackboard with a heavy thud .

Ka-cha .

The blackboard was holed by the punchs impact.

A deafening silence pervaded the entire room in an instant.

The superstar opened his eyes.

He was already drenched in cold sweat.

His vision laid on Mu Yazhes fist; splinters on the blackboard had pierced and bloodied it.

He then transferred his gaze onto Yun Shishi, who had thrown herself into his chest.

Her sudden act of shielding him from harms way with her body with her eyes firmly shut bewildered him.

Grappling her shoulders, he yelled in a frenzy, “Shishi, are you out of your mind!”

Mu Yazhe took back his fist with a stern expression.

Droplets of fresh blood trickled down from his fingertips and dyed the ground red.

When such a scene met his eyes, his heart seemed to be penetrated by a sharp blade.

This woman came dashing in without hesitation and used her body to shield another man instead of him.

What was the meaning of this!

This irked him.

This truly irked him.

There was a moment when he considered sending the superstar to his death.

He ignored the injury in his hand and ferociously dragged her out of the superstars embrace to face him.

Seething with rage, he demanded through his teeth, “Woman, are you seeking death!”

His low yet furious growl nearly deafened her ears.

He was glaring at her with his handsome yet nearly bloodshot eyes.

Was she going to take that punch for Gu Xingze!

She would die; did she not know!

Yun Shishi pried her eyes apart and gazed in shock at the man, who was almost boiling mad with fury before her.

Having a fit of hysterics, rage seemed to spurt out of his eyes in an attempt to devour her!

She was suddenly really afraid.

She was truly afraid of this man, from the bottom of her heart.

“Stop fighting, all right”

She shielded the superstar with her body despite her exhaustion and promptly lowered her stance.

“Dont hurt him anymore!”

Dont hurt him anymore

Clenching both his fists tightly, the flames of wrath that appeared in his eyes seemed to be capable of burning her!

The superstar was not hurt alone in this fight.

He was hurt too.

Did she not see

Why did she only go on about the superstars wellbeing

Did she only have her eye on another man

He was on the brink of losing his control out of jealousy.

Seeing her hold up her hands protectively before the superstar, he roared a warning at her.

“Dont touch him!”

Her movement stiffened immediately, and she retracted her hands instinctively.

“Yun Shishi, Im warning you; if you dare touch him again, Ill let him die without a burial!”

His threat brooked no room for discussion; he could definitely kill the superstar!

Sure enough, she heeded his warning and steered away from him.

She did not doubt that he would break the superstars fingers if she were to touch him at all!

“Dont be mad anymore!”

With fuming eyes in rage, Mu Yazhe pinched her chin at once.

“Dont be mad Dont you think that its a bit too late for you to say that now!”

Gu Xingze achingly held his arm and straightened himself up.

He then said, infuriatingly, “Youre not allowed to touch her!”

“Get out!”

The man dealt a kick to his abdomen once more, and groaning in pain, the superstar fell to the ground in exhaustion.

She shuddered and dared not spout another word again!

The man pulled her into his arms at once and sized up the superstar emotionlessly.

His thin lips mercilessly formed a slight smirk.

“Gu Xingze, you dare compete with me Youre still a tad too green!”

“Mu Yazhe, what is up with you trying to make things difficult for a lady!”


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